Wednesday, August 27, 2014

All That Talk About Elk, California

Remember back on the 10th, I mentioned this little place in Elk, California called Griffin House Inn?

Griffin House Inn
From that post, I got an email from one Ashley Jacoby from a company called Explore the

You know that I rarely, RARELY, do any advertising for anyone and I'm not doing any now, BUT I wanted you to see this because I think it's one of the coolest things I've seen.

The page she referred me to is called Tree Camping In Elk California. If you're a camper and I know most of you are, this is (I don't normally repeat myself) one of the coolest things I've seen.

Recommended Tree Camping Tent

Metolius Bomb Shelter Double Portaledge Fly Orange One Size
Amazon Price: $374.95
(price as of Jul 23, 2014)

This is an outstanding portaledge tent designed to withstand the most intense conditions. Originally designed for rock climbers this is an amazing tent to start out with if you want to begin your adventures in tree camping. 

Go out and take a look at the website. Hang it high (if you're not a chicken like I am) or close to the ground. What a way to camp.

I am going fishing this week, too.


  1. Now that is a most excellent piece of kit Mark. Me thinks it'll go on the 'I want one but how to justify it' list.....

  2. Cool. And only one left in act now!

  3. That Inn looks like a place I'd stay. But you could have the tent.

  4. My tent camping days are pretty much over. You see, the family was camped at Sagehen Reservoir hoping to enjoy a weekend of fishing. We were staying in the overflow campground and there was this big ol' bear who paid us a visit and...................................

    True story that I will have to finish some time over on my blog. I am all for Bed and Breakfast now!

  5. Mark
    Looks like this particular tent could be packed in a fanny pack----really impressed with the Inn