Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm Just Bummed Beyond Words

Instead of having coffee here this morning,

Image result for half moon bay state beach
Half Moon Bay State Beach

I had Starbucks at the Folsom GMC dealership.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get  reservations at Half Moon Bay State Beach? I made the reservations on March 6th and could only get Sunday night (8/24), Monday night (8/25), and Tuesday night (8/26) dates.

Last Friday I went into town to do a little shopping for the trip. On the way down the hill, I had a bunch of lights on the dashboard go crazy. It came and went so I hoped that was the end of it.

WRONG. That same afternoon I drove up to the mail box (it's 2 1/2 miles from the house) and those same lights came back on. Now, let me give you a sample of what those light were.

On the left side of the dash is a little box called "message center". It had the word Security, then the Dead Battery sign, then Low Fuel sign (even though I just filled the tank) and they cycled over and over and over. The ABS and seat belt light were on, the gas gauge and the temp gauge were slammed to empty and zero respectively.

Now, would you take this vehicle on a 200+ mile trip to the ocean pulling a 17 foot travel trailer? I think not. Nor did I.

An of course, none of this showed up on the way this morning and once diagnosed was told it'd be OK to drive it until the part (which they had to order) got there. The part is something called a "Dash Cluster" and the repair costs in the area of $650.00.

So, there won't be a saltwater fishing report from Half Moon Bay State Beach, at least not this year.

I am just bummed beyond words. I'm not going to tell you how bummed my wife is. 


  1. Sorry Mark. Don't know what else to say...

  2. That is a tough blow to swallow, Mark. Hope you get your rig fixed and all is well soon. The fishing and vacation Gods owe you and the wife a great trip somewhere soon.

    BTW, I am hoping that you update your link to my blog. Missed seeing you over there during the last couple of posts.

    1. Sorry Buddy. I thought I'd done that, but like an inoculation I guess it didn't take the first time. You're on board now.

  3. Would I take a car with those issues on a 200+ mile trip?? That all depends on how many fish I expect to catch. But the answer is probably yes! :)

  4. i would have guessed the alternator. I had a car bug out on me like that before and that's what it was. Sorry you missed your trip!

  5. Sorry to read of the bad news. Total bummer!

  6. Mark, I think we've got to quit hanging around together. My bad luck is rubbing off on you. Sorry to hear about the trip.

  7. Mark
    Unbelievable prices to repair major parts on a vehicle

  8. Been there. So sorry you got hit this time. Whyyy?