Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Hex Returns

Sunday night Yuki sent me an email asking if I was going to Upper Blue Lake on Monday, could I wait until Tuesday so he could go. I said "sure" as I'm always glad to fish with Yuki.

We met at Cooks at 0830 and after grabbing coffee we headed up the hill. We got to the lake and had our pick of spots. Most of the shore is rock heavy with the exception of the little cove in the picture below. I usually fish on the point just beyond where Yuki is standing. Because we were in a sandy area we were able to use our rod holders that our friend Jim (from New Melones fame) crafted for us. It's been a while since I could use mine. Seems I'm always on a rock or something.

We set our rods out, Yuki's two and one of mine with Power Bait and my other one with a mini-crawler and a couple white floaty things to keep it off the bottom. 

Barely had I gotten both lines in the water and the first 10" rainbow came to hand.

Our spot for the day
While we were hanging out, this "duck", I think, cruised by. Anyone know what kind it is? Has a brown pointed head and beige body.

Unknown duck species
While I was soaking PB & crawlers, Yuki walked up the hill. I assumed he was looking for the little boys room (closest bush in this case), but he didn't return and didn't return, and didn't return. I was starting to get worried, but it was for naught.

Being the energetic person he is (unlike yours truly) he had hiked up the hill behind and taken a couple of shot from above. Click on the picture for the full effect.

High view of Upper Blue Lake
Then he started to get creative. That's what happens when you let a guy with a smart phone loose in the mountains.

Another panorama
All the while he was traipsing around up on the hill, I kept getting bites, but couldn't hook a one. When he got back and moved over to the other side of where I was, I got one good hit and while I was reeling it in, Yuki's line started bouncing. Turned out that my fish had bumped his line making it look like he had a bite. I brought a 13" rainbow to hand and shortly thereafter another rainbow about 10", but let that one go because it had some kind of something (maybe a sore) on it's side and didn't look eatable.

Which brings me back to the hex. I caught three, missed maybe four or five, and Yuki didn't get a bite. He told me I should go home so he could catch something although I reminded him that I had the truck and the keys so it would be a long walk  home for him. He thought I could leave him the keys and the truck and I could walk home. He has a good sense of humor.

At 2:15 we decided to head down to Silver Lake and try the spot that was good last week. We parked and set up at the dam. I put out one rod with PB and one with a crawler. Yuki put out one with PB and one with a crawler and then we sat.   

Fishing from a picnic table, how cool is that.

Photo around the dam area

Out toward the lake

To the right
We hung out for about an hour and called it a day. No bites at the dam.

Once again the hex seems to be in place and I thought we had gotten rid of it.


  1. Mark
    You guys are so lucky to have a place like that to fish, sometimes the scenery out weights the fish caught. Some great images, thanks for sharing

  2. Yuki did a great job with the panoramic views but the two of you together sounds dangerous to me.

  3. Good job on the trout as always. Those panoramic shots are the best!

  4. Thank you for your comments on the panoramic photos. The lonely angler on the shore is, of course, Mark.
    The unknown duck is a female "Common Merganzer" according to my biologist daughter. -Yuki