Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Redwoods Part 2

Wait a minute, the screen on the other computer just went black.

OK, we're good now. I needed that one for the pictures. 

Bill asked about the Lady Bird Johnson Grove of Redwoods. Way farther North from where we were. Maybe another time.

I can't tell you if these are the Upper Loop or the Back Loop. All you do is turn left or right at the intersection and follow that trail. Surprised we didn't get lost, but I had my Daniel Boone hat on and guided us right through.

Another one with a big hole in the center that you can walk through.

Walk Thru

Based on my wife's 5'10", pretty big hole.

Another hidey hole

Thought I saw a Hobbitt
Wonder if you could hear it when it fell? Watch the Geico Insurance commercial then you'll know for sure if it could be heard. An insurance company wouldn't lie to you, would they? Probably fell hundreds of years ago.

A really long tree.

More of those small Coastal Redwoods.

Not as wide as the last one.

She's still cute even after 17 years.

Tried to show you up. Flash didn't catch it very well.

Kind of church like.
Well, that's all the Redwood pictures. Once we were done there we drove to Anderson Valley and the wineries. You've got to do the wineries if you're up that way, but I have to say that the wineries in Shenandoah Valley (down the road from our place not back East) are better, but what the heck, if you're there, partake.

I've got one more post for tomorrow. I'm taking you to a little town called Elk, California. There is a specific reason, but you'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out.

See you then.


  1. Looks almost magical, thanks for sharing

  2. Mark
    Some more good stuff, amazing how those redwoods stay alive with almost all there heart wood gone. If my wife and I lived out there like you guys, I would have to make this an annual trip to the redwoods. thanks for sharing

  3. Those trees are amazing. I really need to get out that way.

  4. Okay Mark, there is something I would like to see in California besides meeting you. Those redwoods are amazing. Great pictures.

  5. Love going to see the redwoods! fun trip!

  6. When I was a very young boy, my parents took us kids on a vacation trip somewhere in the Redwoods. I still remember thinking how awesome those trees were. Someday, maybe I will get another chance. It is on my bucket list!