Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Day For Experimenting

Disclaimer: I don't know from Bass, so this whole day was a guess at best.

Picking up my plans from last Friday, I loaded the Float Tube Cumberland into the truck and headed down the road. Once again I had the choice of the Camanche Trout Pond or Rancho Seco Lake.

I mentioned last Friday that I had bought two types of crawdad flies. Here's a picture of the two.
I got two of each. Would have hated it if I got a big Bass on and broke the only fly I had, off. 

Crawdad flies

A little different angle

Since seeing those big Bass earlier this year at the Trout Pond, they've been on my mind ever since. I chose the Trout Pond. With three rods (I'll explain as we go) loaded in the Cumberland, I flippered out of the launch area.

With my 6 wt. and intermediate sinking line I started with one of the crawdad flies. I worked the cattails all along the shore casting toward them and across them.

This group was the only others at the pond. They were surprisingly quiet too. Probably had their beaks duck taped shut. Sorry, that was bad.

Canadian Geese
 Here's a quick spin around the pond.

Back toward launch


The other end

The campground

The far end of the campground
I worked my way all the way around the pond with the crawdad fly.

HI, it's me 3. I didn't want The Dad, that's what everybody at the house calls the old guy, "The Dad", even the cats, to forget I was there too. I got to throw poppers (what ever those are) all along the shore of the pond the second time he flippered around it. I didn't get anything, but it was a lot of fun.

OK, I've taken back control of the computer. Once I got the fly fishing part done with the crawdad flies as well as the poppers, I resorted to the spinning rod with rainbow Power Bait. At first I flippered out to the middle of the pond. If there were any trout in the pond that's where they'd be. The surface temperature was 70.2 degrees and way too warm for any trout in it's right mind to be up that far. I dropped the PB all the way to the bottom and then pulled it up about two feet.

After sitting for a little while, actually I was bobbing around on the water, I started to flipper first to the other side and then back across the middle of the pond back toward launch pulling the PB along as I went. Sometimes the movement of the PB will cause a strike.

Trawling Power Bait
I also went back to my 6wt. and put on a Thin Mint. I would cast out the fly and let it sink to what I figured was near the bottom and them strip it back.

As you can figure, the day was a bust. The only thing I think I could have done different would be to flipper without my chest waders. That is right until I flippered into that green junk underwater. Scratch that idea.

I did manage to add 4 red/white bobbers and one long orange bobber to my tackle box. Had to pick them out of the cat tails, but it was something to do.

I heard another rumor. Think I'll check it out later this week or maybe early next week.

Stay tuned. 


  1. Looks like a great day to be out on the water! Those are some nice looking crawdad flies, and I'm sure those will find some bass for you in future outings. At least you were able to clean up the lake and add to your tackle box free of charge.

  2. It's always a successful day when you can re-stock your tackle box from leftovers at the lake...and recapture your computer!

  3. Sure seems like you gave it a good going over with the fly patterns you chose. Sometimes those glassy still days on the water are the toughest to get fish interested. Even though Power Bait didn't stir anything up either, I would guess the trout were as deep as they could get and you would have to hit them on the head to get them too take. Bass should have been more active.............

  4. I don't know who tied the flies Mark but they are great.
    Quite realistic.

    1. I didn't look at the maker, although they do list them on the bin, when I got them at the fly shop. I was more focused in the look of the fly.

  5. Mark
    Daylight is the time to cast those craw flies in that lake, I bet you would get a reaction. thanks for sharing

  6. I can get you into some small bass. You should come visit sometime before it gets too cold.