Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hey, It's Raining In California

King Fire update. To date it's burned 97,099 acres and is 87% contained. Good news thanks to the recent rains and the awesome job the firefighters have done. 

Yes, rain in California. We had a storm go through a couple days ago and we're now on the back side still get a thunder shower now and then.

Not a lot of rain, but the ground is wet and the dust has been stomped down for now.

Nothing collecting in the pond, but the dry dirt cracks are getting smaller. I might also add that my burn piles (I've been collecting for months now), are soaked and probably won't burn until next September.

We'll probably get a few more showers today then then by the end of the week, 90's. The weather yoyo of fall.

Oh yeh, and even though it doesn't do a lot for the fire danger here at La Casa Kautz, anything helps.  

Maybe I'll go fishing next week.

Stay tuned.


  1. good news for sure Mark. I'll keep doing my rain dance for you guys.

  2. Things are looking up. Good to see. Hope you've turned the corner.

  3. Mark
    The rain Gods are smiling on you!!!

  4. Glad to hear water is falling in Cali!