Thursday, September 18, 2014

King Fire Update

In case you haven't been watching TV, the fire is raging on.

As of this evening, 73,000 acres, 10% contained, and now they are evacuating as far up Highway 50 as Kyburz. They have evacuated all the campgrounds up in the Crystal Basin area, you'll know it by Ice House Reservoir where I've posted about several times and places like Union Valley Reservoir and Loon Lake.

Kyburz is a short 5 miles from where I was fishing (or make that hacking away with a fly rod) on Tuesday.

Last, but not least, they have arrested a guy for setting the fire.

We're off tomorrow morning for our September trip in the Clipper, to a new lake I haven't been to before. It's a spring fed lake and I noticed that the DFW is supposed to stock it this week.

Come back Monday and see how it went.

Till then. 


  1. I heard on the way home from work that they had arrested someone. Good deal for what that's worth. Have a great get-a-way.

  2. Stay safe up there. Fire can move fast.

  3. Bears, fires, droughts...stay safe down there.

  4. That fire is crazy! Enjoy your trip!

  5. Sounds like a good time to make a run in the Clipper somewhere in the opposite direction. Hope you enjoy your trip to this new lake and will await a follow up post. You and the wife take care of yourself.............................

  6. Mark
    How much more can you guys take out there????------Be safe