Monday, September 22, 2014

The September Camping Trip Part Two

OK, Saturday morning. Where did I leave off. Oh yes, fishing in front of the trailer and catching nothing.

Just before we pulled out for out recon trip, I met this gentleman getting ready for a day on the lake.

One serious Bass fisherman
I had a chance to take a look at some of the plugs he was going to use. I had to ask him if there were fish in this lake big enough for a plug that was, my guess, 9 or 10 inches long. They were bigger than some trout I've caught. He said that there were Bass big enough to hit them. He had a different lure on each rod, he was ready. Just a note before I go on to other stuff, he was out ALL day and didn't get back in until dark. I missed a chance to ask him how he did, but since he has the link to this blog, maybe he can let us know. Leaving Sunday morning I think I saw his truck down at Lower Lake.  

When we got back to the trailer after out little recon, I waited for some of the crowd on the fishing dock to disperse and then grabbed a spot. I met a young man named Mark, hey just like me. He was a local and I hoped to gain some inside info from him.

As I watched him make one cast off the corner of the dock and then withing minutes, reel in a nice 14" Rainbow, I had to ask the secret. He was using a "Caltrans" rig. OK, I'll bite. What's a "Caltrans" rig. That's what locals call orange, white, and chartreuse Power Eggs on a hook. For those unfamiliar with Caltrans, it's the California Department of Transportation. You know, California has two seasons: Winter and Road Repair. For the most part, now you know who's to blame for the season other than Winter.    

So I rigged up a "Caltrans" rig. Then at 6:00 pm, called it a day, once again fishless.

While I was sitting on the dock, I took some photo's of a couple of the cabins around the lake.

This one right on Highway 20

Across the lake from the highway, but probably 900 steps down from the road

At the far end, but don't have a lot of info on this one.
While I was soaking PB on Saturday morning, I took some shots of my company for the morning. 

Gray duck, must be old

Another gray one. Probably old too.

Blond duck? A Valley Duck, for sure.
I also performed a duck rescue. One of the ducks swallowed something that had line attached and while in it's throat, was also wrapped around one wing. I managed to get it broken and off the duck went to join the 17 duck herd (are a bunch of ducks a herd?). Survived for another day.

Sunday morning my wife threw me out of the trailer so she could begin packing up for the trip home. I did the only logical thing and that was to get my little Okuma with 2#, a box of lures, and walk the shore. I was desperate.

I fished my pink Kastmaster, then my silver, then finally the gold. I started to the left of the launch area, worked the right of the fishing dock, and then as a last gasp went over to the swimming area. Maybe I could catch someone swimming. Probably not at 8:00 am.

Time to go. Trailer was ready to hook up. One last cast and a small five inch Bass took the lure. If it hadn't been hooked enough to bring in, I would have never know. Unhooked and back into the lake. I have a picture coming, but it's not here yet. 

Well, that's the September trip to Upper Lake, above Lower Lake, above Clearlake which is greener and slimier that Red Lake.

I was so disgusted with my fishing ability at this lake that we booked the same weekend next year, but four days instead of three. Maybe I'll rent a boat next year. 

More fishing this week.


  1. Maybe the fish are just in shock because there's still water in the lake. Of course, the ducks told them because otherwise how would the fish know.

  2. That's one angler into his sport.
    That first cabin would do me nicely.

  3. Valley duck. I always learn something from your blog.

  4. Mark
    Got a suggestion for your next trip to this lake, bring along the float tube; another outstanding lake you have out there. Thanks for sharing

  5. That's gotta be the biggest float tube I have ever seen or that's a very small man. That guy is definitely very serious about fishing. You'll get 'em next time, Mark! Valley Duck..haha

    1. Hey Justin. the Bass guy is in a pontoon boat. Glad you liked the "Valley Duck".

  6. Good job on rescuing the duck. Hey one small bass is better than one big skunk! is upper lake a separate lake from clear lake? Clear lake has some MONSTER bass and cats! Glad you were able to get out!

    1. Upper Lake is connected to Lower Lake by a small drainage ditch. Lower Lake to Clearlake?????? A lot of green junk in Clearlake.

  7. Obsessed is what I would call the Bass guy in the Pontoon boat...............
    I guess there is nothing wrong with being over prepared. Hope you find out if he caught anything for his efforts. That is a beautiful lake and I would love to spend a few nights in one of those cabins. Are they renters or ones that have been purchased for summer homes? Kastmasters have been good too me in my August trips this year.

    1. Those are privately owned cabins, but the resort has cabins for rent. Let me know if you want more info. Kastmasters are a great lure, aerodynamic too.

  8. Very nice post, and beautiful lake. Hope to make it out to California one day.