Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Shimano Guarantee

Back in February 2011, I purchased a Shimano Convergence 6'6" 2 piece rod from Cabela's.

When Juan and I went up to Upper Blue Lake back on July 16th I found this rod broken, down below the second guide. I used it that day, I planned on throwing it away and ordered a new one.

When I got the new rod there was a piece of paper wrapped around the handle saying something about the Shimano Lifetime Warranty.

I went online and found out that any rods purchased after August 2014 had only a limited warranty, but before then, the warranty was lifetime.

I got a proof of purchase from Cabela's, filled out a warranty form from Shimano and sent the rod to their facility in Irvine, California.

After their inspection, I guess they agreed that the problem was rod failure because today I got a brand new Shimano Convergence CVS66M2B 6'6" 2 piece rod.

A pretty good deal, if you ask me.....    


  1. Mark
    Being on a fix income makes me only buy fishing equipment that has a lifetime warranty. Glad you were able to replace the rod. thanks for sharing

  2. I've had a convergence for years. Good rods. I think mine is a medium 6'6 that I've used mainly for throwing lighter, flounder sized Bucktails. Glad to hear they made good on your warranty!

  3. Mark, I bet that you really enjoyed getting a little good news today! Often our days are filled with something less than stellar news. Great to hear that Shimano worked with you on the warranty on this rod. Is that a medium action rod?

  4. Adds a plus for Shimano. Always good when a big company honours their words.

  5. That's good to hear, Mark! I bet that was a nice surprise.

  6. Great deal! hopefully we can fish soon and you can put it to the test!

  7. There's still a company or two out there that take customer service back to where it used to be. Good for you Mark.