Monday, October 27, 2014

Driving Home The Drought

I heard a rumor that Lake Amador started planting last week. I knew the lake was low, but wanted to see for myself, so yesterday I took a drive out there.

I checked with Laurie at the restaurant and she said the plant went well, the fish are healthy, and the fall/winter season is rocking and rolling.

I took some shots at a couple different places. Wow.............

Make sure you double click on the pictures to make them bigger. Give you a better perspective of the drought. Just an FYI, we are getting some rain, but not very much. This last storm dropped about 3/4 of an inch a the house and there is more to come this weekend.

Top of the dam is on the far left out of the picture.
 That is a REALLY long climb down.

The boat dock from the restaurant parking lot.

The spillway
 Caught many a fish to the left of the buoy's laying on the ground. Some up to 5 pounds.

You can see the buoy's on the very left.

We've fished 10 feet below that bush. 

Can't even see the shore from this angle.
Across the lake from the "point".
From the "point" back toward the boat dock.
From the reports I've seen, limits are being taken, but early in the morning. Tomorrow Yuki and I plan to put his boat in (you can only launch small boats, kayaks, and float tubes because of the water level) and give it the old college try.

Remember, last year both Yuki (7 lb. 15 oz.) and I (7 lb. 10 oz.) got personal bests there. Fishing from a boat is a whole nuther ballgame. I'll take pictures. 


  1. Nothing about this drought amazes me anymore. I've seen the worst of it. I just hope it doesn't get any worse. Rain, come already!

  2. Those pics really highlight the the awful need for rain.

  3. I'm almost afraid that when catch up time comes that it will be a disaster as well.

  4. Mark, you and Juan should get together and do an old fashion rain dance! It wouldn't do any harm to try, I don't think. Ha. I really hope you guys get some serious rain out that way!

  5. Mark, I think you summed it up best in your post with your comment, "Wow". Thanks for taking the time to share all your pictures and information from your trip out to the lake.
    Knowing that you need lots of rain, I am curious, in a normal year what type weather would you be expecting come November 1st?