Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Probably The Last Drought Post

You're probably sick of hearing about the drought in California so this will probably be the last post on anything related to the drought (unless I go out to New Melones), but I had to show you this.

First picture, not much to look at, just across the lake from where I was. Oh, sorry, I was at Lake Camanche this morning. Wanted to find out if they were planting yet, what the water temperature was, and if anyone was catching anything from the shore.

Across the lake
Further to the right
This was on the drive out (I was at the North Shore Day Use Area) to where I wanted to fish. See the bush on the right toward the top, keep that in mind.

On the drive out
Short of using repelling gear, this was the place that had the easiest access.

To the left

To the right

Further to the right and then back toward where I parked.
As it turned out, the water was fairly deep when I cast out. My estimate was about 10 to 15 feet. Water temperature was 60 (according to the girl at check-in), but stocking had not started quite yet. She thought maybe after the storm due Friday. Supposed to be wet and cold (snow level at 4500 ft.).

After a couple hours of soaking Power Bait, my take is that it's still a bit too warm, in fact that by 10:30 I was sweating in a tee-shirt. What's needed is a couple of good, wet and cold storms to make the fish move into shallower water. Guys in the boats are still doing well, but they are deep (45' to 50' and over by the dam).

OK, let's go back to the bush in the third picture. That's the same bush on the right in the picture blow. Yuki and I have fished out from that bush and done well in past years. Now all you'll get is sand fish. Kind of like rock fish. You know what I mean.  

Dry as a bone
 Pan to the left and you can see how far the water is away from that spot.

Farther than a stones throw.
Here is the same place taken in January 2012. Still not a lot of water, but definitely more than today. 

See the island way out in the distance?

The island
 This is it today. You can drive right up to it. No water between.

The island today
If you make the picture below big (by double clicking on it), right above the car at the end of the peninsula, is that same island. This picture was from 2/18/2013

A lot more water.
 Almost done, a full lake, picture taken on March 5, 2013 just prior to the Yuki/Kayak incident.

Full to capacity
Last, but not least, the only one getting any fish today.

I think I've touched on all the lakes, upcountry and downcountry regarding the drought with the exception of New Melones and I'm not sure I want to go out there. Some of the comments I've heard are pretty sad. I know I mentioned how bad it was when my wife and I went out that way some time back, but they say it's a lot worse now.

Could use a little rain dance or two.


  1. Mark, I, for one, have really appreciated the time and effort you have taken to describe and photograph what you and other anglers are going through with the lack of water due to the drought.

    Life is sure full of ups and downs...................................
    I am ready for you guys to have a downer..........................
    Open the sky's and let the rain come down!!

  2. I like to keep a positive thought. Maybe there is a something good that will come from all this Mark. I don't know what...

  3. The rain is right on time... hopefully we have a loooooot of rain this year!