Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Great Scone/Muffin Experiment

When we purchased the Clipper, we didn't realize it didn't have an oven. It didn't have a dishwasher either, but Katherine has me so what does she need one for?

When we went to Pinnacles National Park this spring, we were planning to have Scones for breakfast on Saturday morning. Wrong.......... No oven, no scones.

The Clipper

The Kitchen, no oven
We have a Coleman coffee maker that sits on either the camp stove or the stove in the clipper and makes coffee as good as our coffee maker at home. So when we ran into the problem of no oven, I went out on Coleman's site and found this.........

Coleman Camping Oven
For $40.00 at Coleman or $27.00 at Walmart, scones were on the camping horizon. The only intelligent thing to do, and Katherine is certainly intelligent (no hissing or booing), was to try it out BEFORE going camping.  

What it looks like put together
That is what we did this morning. Made scones or sort of scones in the camping oven on the front porch.

Sits on the camping stove
It only uses one of the burners and with the correct setting gets to 400 degrees (required for scones) in a pretty short time although now that I know the setting, it will be faster next time.

Without having a correct sized pan (8 x 8 is all you can put in the oven) Katherine used a muffin pan that was close in size, thus scones/muffins.

With a little sugar glaze on top, they were AWESOME. Doesn't take long to devour a dozen or so muffins.  

Cinnamon Pecan Scones/Muffins
Only one drawback I can see is that it used almost a whole tank of propane, but for those scones, well worth it. I might also mention that our local propane company now has refillable canisters the size of the one attached to the stove in the picture above. And it's about DAMN TIME somebody did that.


  1. Cool. Would be bad of me to cook them before hitting the road?

    1. We thought about that, but there is nothing like a scone right out of the oven.

  2. Man, Mark, those look really good. I can almost taste them......................
    My doctor does not agree with me...............................
    No tasting, no fun for me.....................................

    Just maybe I want to go camping...................................

  3. Those look fantastic! I want some next time we fish together!

  4. Mark ~ Well, you certainly put mind over matter! I have never tried English scones... I make Indian Fried Bread. Soooo, no need for an oven. Just a fry pan and a bit of oil. = )

  5. I have never had a scone. Not to my knowledge, anyway. I do have to be honest and I agree with you, Mark. There's nothing like fresh cooked food. Some things weren't meant to be reheated.

    1. Emily and Justin, let me turn you on to one of the coolest places on the web. OH, and you can get scone mix there too.

      I also take no responsibility for what occurs afterward, if you go there. My wife spends $$$$$ every time she goes there.