Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday +1

I could have posted this yesterday, but I was still scarfing turkey and napping (all that Tryptophan). I could have also gone to a mall down in Sacramento, but who wants to deal with all those Ferguson demonstrators? Don't know why they're in Sacramento anyway. Maybe they should get a job. Do something constructive.

So after sleeping in (6:00 instead of 5:15) and having some breakfast, I headed out to Lake Camanche for another shot at that tree stump.

Got to the lake at 9:10 and at 9:20 brought the first fish to hand. Pink Kastmaster (a new one since the old one is still attached to the other tree stump) on my little Okuma. A little over a pound (estimate only) Rainbow. Unhooked and let go for another day.

The other rod was out with rainbow Power Bait and a little garlic. Wanted to pickup right where I left off last Monday. Second fish came at 10:10 and it only came about two good head shakes and was gone. Same pink Kastmaster.

For a little break, I put rainbow Power Bait and some Pro-Cure Sweet Corn (I wasn't getting any interest in the garlic) on the other rod. Then I munched a couple home made coconut/maple scones and drank a bottle of water. Now I know what was wrong, I didn't stop for coffee. Rats.

That was it. I swung a couple different Kastmaster colors and the "Magic Bullet", but no one was interested. So I came home, had a turkey sandwich on home made rolls and took a nap (more of that Tryptophan induced unconsciousness).

Didn't take any pictures. You know what Lake Camanche looks like. You know what a Rainbow Trout looks like. The tree stump lives on.

There didn't seem to be any interest in the "Name the kayak" game so it's cancelled. Actually the only inquiry was RD wanting to know what a Thinmint looks like.

Here you go Emily. Not the best picture, but it gets the idea across.  

Tungsten Beadhead ThinMint
That's it for today. We're expecting rain for the next four days and since I melt when wet, will probably stay home. Don't use that as a reason for not stopping by, I could change my mind. Could happen.


  1. Hmm, no interest huh? Well, I don't expect a prize, but I christen the kayak the S.S. Comrade. I'm going to tie some Thin Mints if I can find a recipe. I think I've still got some blue and silver Kastmasters to!

  2. For some reason, Mark, I think Howard's Kastmasters are probably pretty rusty since he last used them. His loss........................................
    Anyway, I have not fished the "pink" one. Time to add some to my box.
    Maybe, Emily, should get a small box of ThinMints for Christmas. She would probably exchange some of her yummy cookies for a few..........................

    1. I've found that pink, Firetiger, and the Brown Trout ones work the best.

  3. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  4. The Thin Mint may be one of my favorite wooly bugger variations. On a separate note how are you guys doing out there? I hear about drought and then torrential rains, seems it can't decide what it wants to do. Every time I check the weather I seem to think of you. Take care sir.

  5. I got the package! I am so excited... thank you so much! Hugs...