Thursday, November 27, 2014


All the technical stuff about Thanksgiving is over on RD's blog so go here and all your questions about Thanksgiving will be answered.

You can see the Turkey Fly over at Mike's blog Troutrageous!

Over on Atlas' blog The Rogue Outdoors you can see a Turkey that's not too happy with Thanksgiving.

Finally, you can see snow on Dave's canoe over at The Trout Zone. I hate when that happens.

So Eat, Drink, and be Merry, for tomorrow it's back to fishing.

One last thing, Howard thinks we should do a 'Name the kayak" game. I could throw in a few Tungsten Beadhead Thinmints as a prize for the winner. Thoughts?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone............

Forgot one, we're doing Christmas this year. We passed over Christmas last year and 2012 after losing my brother just before Christmas 2012 and my best friend growing up, in February 2013. Just couldn't get the spirit, but we're baaaaack. 

La Casa Kautz last night


  1. Ok. I guess that I am supposed to ask what a thin mint looks like? It's all about gobble gobble today. But, tomorrow I will be on a three day fishing trip. Last hoorah for the year. The house looks great! Good job, Mark. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    1. Hi Emily. Just in case you get back here before you leave, it's a black/rust/olive Wooly Bugger.

    2. There is a lot going on with that Wooly! Hmmmm...maybe I will wait until you throw a picture up of it. Sounds intriguing though.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Mark, to you and your family. Glad to see the house decorated this year.

  3. My best of wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving Day with your family. My Grandson says I need to help him tomorrow with his Christmas decorations. 'Tis the season..............................

  4. Hope Thanksgiving was good to you and your family, Mark. The lights are looking good.