Monday, November 17, 2014

The Wrong Side Of The Pond

I got a comment on my last article in the newspaper from Lake Camanche saying the planting was to begin the week of November 9th. In fact, the planting began on November 13th with a 4000 pound plant. According to my source, 1500 into North Shore, 1500 into South Shore, both at the launch ramps, and 1000 into the Trout Pond.

I came across a comment on one of the local forums saying that this guy went out to the pond on Friday the 14th and fishing with lures, limited in two hours.  

Plan A today was to go out to the Pond and with my Shimano Convergence and a box full of lures, walk around the Pond until I found the school. I made it about 1/4 of they way and then my lower back told me I wasn't going the rest of the way.

I don't know how many of you out there have lower back problems, but I even have trouble making it through the supermarket, if I'm there more than about a 1/2 hour. 

So I did the next best thing and that was to get the red Coleman camping chair and park on one of the docks. And there I sat. 

Sitting on the dock of the pond. Might make a good song.
Keep this picture in mind, because I'm going to refer back to it a little later.

I fished rainbow Power Bait, added some garlic, Kastmasters in all colors, I made my own mouse tail with a chartreuse Power Egg and an orange Power Worm. Nothing worked, that is for me.

In that picture above, I watched a guy pull in three in a matter of ten minutes right under that tall tree in the right hand top of the picture. Over to the left, in that picture, I watched a guy in a boat using a fly rod catch, at least ten. Were there any where I was fishing, of course not. I probably should have noticed that there wasn't anyone fishing on my side of the Pond too, but I didn't. That happens when you get old. 

See, nobody

Everybody's on that side 
There is one guy over on that dock, but he doesn't count because he hadn't caught anything.
Then I saw this gray guy in the picture below snag one out of the bushes there in front. It looked like a Crappie or Blue Gill (I didn't get a real good look) that would go about a pound. If you make the picture big, you can see how fat his mouth is. At least someone caught something on my side.  

A Heron or something
In conclusion, it wasn't the Pond's fault, it was just the fact that I was on the wrong side of the Pond. I could have gone over there, but I didn't want to sink to the depths of the "fish to extinction crowd" by running right over there where the fish were being caught.

Once again, winter fishing had begun.


  1. Between some family needs, some health concerns, and, some time on the road, I have not fished my local ponds since late October. Then it snowed and got down around (-10) degrees at night. Winter season is here in Colorado, too!

    In any event, great to see you out on the pond. That is a pretty place, and hopefully, those fish will come around to your side of the pond. I don't really like crowded fishing either.

  2. Clearly, this falls under the umbrella of "You should have been here yesterday." (Or on the other side of the river, lake or stream...) I'm very familiar with this fate.

  3. Next time you are going to head out ask me where I'd sit and do the opposite and I bet you limit in an twenty minutes.

  4. Don't ya just hate when that happens. Haha! You'll get 'em next time, Mark!

  5. Man, I hate when that happens! You should have caught the heron and taken him home for dinner!