Monday, December 15, 2014

The Christmas Tree and Cats

For the first four years we lived here at La Casa Kautz, we put a Christmas Tree Upstairs. During that time we had Sasha, but Sasha was a rather rotund kitty. She was also quite paranoid about most everything and we didn't have to worry about her bothering the tree.  

When we lost Sasha in 2008, we got Jasper and Smudge. Two boys and a Christmas Tree, I don't think so. To say the least, when they got wound up, watch out. 

So during the short time we had Smudge, the tree was put downstairs. We didn't allow them downstairs. We wanted to be able to sleep at night.

When we lost Smudge, we got Jasmine and Sophie because Jasper really missed his brother and we wanted him to have company. Unfortunately Jasmine never got settled and we had to have the Vet find her a new home, which they did. She's much happier now. 

That leaves us with Jasper and Sophie. Jasper is a most lovable cat, but probably the most nosy cat in all of Northern California.

Mr. Nosy
Sophie, on the other hand is a bit of a chicken.

A bit of a chicken
Since 2008 when we got Jasper and Smudge, we've kept the Christmas Tree down stairs. Better to be safe than sorry.

Downstairs Christmas Tree
Then for the last two years (loss of my brother and best friend) we haven't celebrated Christmas at all. No Christmas Tree, outside lights, nothing.

You saw this before
But this year Katherine wanted the tree upstairs come hell or high water (neither was a possibility since we've been good and in a drought).

We still decided that the tree was going to go upstairs for the first time in seven years. First, it's a fake tree. If the cats attack it, pretty much no big deal. Second, we put it up a couple weeks ago just to get them used to it. We also sprayed it with cat repellant.

Next problem would be decorations. Glass ornaments didn't seem a wise choice so one day in Sam's Club we came across unbreakable ornaments. That'll work. 

We decorated the tree, attached it to the window sill with a pole to hold it steady when they attacked it, and put the angel top on. We did all we could do to prevent disaster.

The Christmas Tree
They've never touched it..........

Happy Holidays


  1. Fantastic! and what a great looking tree you have there!

  2. Hooray!!! Keep your fingers crossed because that is a pretty tree and a nice setting. For a minute there I thought your post was going in a "bad" direction with the Cat family members.

  3. Now that's a heart warming holiday story. I say that as a man with three cats who also like to play in the Christmas tree.

  4. Mark, you are the story teller supreme.

  5. Beautiful tree...and great story Mark.