Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Storms Over

A lot of people got hammered. Yuki said the wind blew so hard out at his place that it moved his horse trailer.

We got wind and a lot of water. Pays to live in the mountains. All the water ran down hill. On the other hand, now I have wet ground with a lot of Pine Needles, Oh joy.

We've got another one coming in on Monday and this one colder. They (the weather guessers) are estimating snow levels at 4000'. Probably get some here then.

I'm going to try slipping in a day, maybe Wednesday or Thursday because another storm coming on Friday. DFW is doing all the planting way south of here so my options are Lake Amador (don't know what the water level is), Lake Camanche (need football shoes to walk on that North Shore clay), the Trout Pond, or maybe, just maybe Middle Bar Bridge. Hmmmmm.

I'll let you know.  


  1. Do the fish search for deeper water Mark as the temperatures drop?

    1. Actually, they do just the opposite. When it gets cold, you can find them closer to shore. The water is warmer close in. If you consider 50/60ish warmer.

  2. I'm glad to hear you dodged the big bullet.

  3. Happy to see that round one went in your favor. Well, sort of...............
    Round two is coming so be safe and stay as dry as you can...........

  4. Hey Mark, I’m surprised to hear the storm was that bad up there. I hadn’t heard of it affecting anyone negatively until now. Down here in the valley, we all laughed up that storm and its greatly exaggerated results (at least down here). Glad to hear you guys made it through though! And VERY glad we were able to get some much needed water and snow!

  5. Rain rain and more rain! Good for the lakes and wildlife. Stay safe up there, Mark!