Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Camanche North Shore

I'm sure that a lot of bloggers are writing (in their head) the next post as they're driving to where they're going to fish. I do it on a regular basis. Today as I was doing just that, I rounded a corner and the back tires broke loose on a small patch of black ice. And it wasn't even that cold.

Sorry, no crash pictures. No mauled Shoreman. No blood and gore. I used my exceptional driving skills to get back in the lane. A mere mortal would have lost it. It's a good thing you know I'm basically full of shit most of the time. It was a little slip, nothing else.

I got to Lake Camanche and drove out to the far end of the Day Use Area. I set up two rods and parked for an hour. Even though I fish this spot on a regular basis, I've been doing better at a couple others. So after the hour was up and no hits what so ever, I packed up and moved to where I fished last Friday.

Hey, I got two good sized ones there, maybe it would be good today.


That was what this post was going to be right up till Noon. I had thrown in the towel and was just about ready to head home. As a last ditch effort, I put the pink Kastmaster on my little Okuma (this was the third time today) and was going to give it one last try.

I looked right, I looked straight ahead, and I looked left. My inclination was to throw left, so I threw right. Confused yet?

Actually it was more right of center or just to the right of the buoy. The lure barely (and I mean BARELY) hit the water and the fish was on. Must have been sitting there just waiting for me to put that lure out there. 

Estimated at just under 2 lbs.
On 2# line, this one put up a good fight. Took me several minutes (look at the size of the tail) to bring it to hand. I would have released it without putting it into the net, but logistics out there make it impossible to get near the water. So I put the net under it, removed the lure, and as gently as I could, put it back for another day, that is right after a quick picture. A fish that fought that well deserved to be free.

After that, NADA..........

That's OK, I'll take one of those any day. 


  1. The first thing I noticed was the huge tail. That's one nice looking fish Mark. Glad you didn't have a worse time getting there.

  2. Big tail indeed! I love those strikes when you cast to the perfect spot and there is a fish awaiting. Don't be modest, Mark, you're a superior being and your driving skills reflect that. :)

  3. Mark
    That trout with that fan tail shouldn't have any problem whipping out a bed for spawning. thanks for sharing

  4. I have to admit I think about what I'm going to post an the trip and while I'm fishing. I haven't had any accidents yet!
    I'm glad you dodged that close call.

  5. Man, this is one nice fish with the tail the size of my driveway. I am full of a little shit, too, but, that is one fish worthy of your time and skills. Thanks for the update!

  6. That one fish makes all the difference. Thanks for the reminder of why we do what we do!