Friday, January 9, 2015

First 2015 Skunkeroo

Drove out to Lake Camanche this morning. Plan was to fish the South Shore by the boat ramp. At check-in the girl said they planted the Trout Pond and North Shore.

Since I was already at the Trout Pond, I started there. No sense wasting time at the boat ramp. I took my little Okuma, a box of Kastmasters, and started around the pond.

Half way around I got one good followup by a trout about 18", but couldn't get it to take the lure. Had a nice Cardio Walk around the rest of the pond.

Fast forward to 9:30. I got back to the truck and drove to the North Shore Day Use Area. If there would be fish anywhere, it would be there.

Rainbow Power Bait, rainbow Power Bait with garlic. Kastmasters of varied colors.

Thus the title of this post. The first skunk of 2015. Obviously I expect more, skunks that is.  


  1. Ah feel your pain, but at least you can fish. Snow and cold here.

  2. Mark, as I see it, even the skunkeroo is worthwhile given the fact that you did get in your Cardio workout for the day. Not all bad.......................................

  3. Howad
    The Cardio walk is always a plus on any outing---thanks for sharing

  4. Ouch. But, good to get it over with so early.

  5. I'm with, least you can fish. Nothing but cold and snow here, too. I'll take a skunk on an unfrozen lake any day throughout Winter.