Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's Dying A Slow Death

What is dying a slow death, you ask? My truck is slowly falling apart. Let me give  you a quick bullet point list of what's happening to it.

  • Needs a new air filter (no big deal, really. Maybe $39.00).
  • Needs an A/C belt (about $109.00)
  • Needs front brakes (about $290.00)
  • Oil pan is leaking (about $600.00)
  • Shocks are leaking (about $650.00)
  • Somewhere there is a water leak in the engine (huge bucks just to find the leak)
  • The transmission is starting to give me trouble (more huge bucks)
A picture of a dying truck
OK, get the picture? So I decided it was time to pray to the fishing truck Gods. One can only say that my prayers were answered, sort of.

Yesterday this truck showed up in my driveway. Looks an awful lot like the other one.

Same truck?

Front view

Other side

Look, no black tailgate!!!
Only problem with this one, is that it came with conditions. I hate conditions.

Nothing goes in the bed until the spray on bed liner is done. No stinky fishing net and stringer under the back seat. No tackle boxes on the back bench seat. No stinky anything in the truck.

Geez, for a fisherman, you might as well chain him to a tree.

BUT, it's almost brand new. It can pull the trailer without any problems (5.3 liter engine, same as the old one). Only 16K miles. Almost the same color as the old one. Both back doors open instead of just the one on the passengers side. The back windows roll down instead of snapping the clasp and pushing it out a little. It's got some many buttons on the dash that I'd probably never figure out what they're all for. Probably way to technical a vehicle for me. Maybe I shouldn't keep it.

What do you think? 


  1. I think you ought to quit starting trouble. Get yourself a large fishing gear bag, put your stuff in it and go merrily on your way. Don't argue with the home general.

  2. Next up a Smart Phone with a GPS unit in the phone. That truck is going to get used soon enough. Maybe it is time to consider letting the wife purchase her new living room set.

  3. Mark
    I would bet you and I have the same mind set when it comes to trucks, get as many miles as one can before you let it go--just how many miles did the old truck have on it. congrats on getting the new one

    1. Hi Bill. I bought the truck in August 1999, it's a 2000 and has 218,000 miles. It's old.