Friday, January 2, 2015

Man, It Was Cold - Not

Like everyone else across the country, we've been cold. I, on the other have been cold and had a cold at the same time. My cold is gone, but the other cold is still here.

I heard a rumor (I hear a lot of these) that they stocked Lake Camanche on New Years Eve. North Shore, South Shore, and the Trout Pond. That would make today the perfect day (Stocking + 2 days) for me to hit North Shore.

But, it's been cold. Twenty -Seven (27) degrees this morning when I left, but I was ready. I had my parka in the truck. I had my gloves I wear when snow blowing. I had hand warmers, I had hot coffee (from Starbucks). I had lemon pound cake (what does that have to do with keeping warm?). I had ear muffs. I was ready, bring on the cold.

I got to the lake just after 9:00. The sun was shining, there was no wind, it was pretty nice actually.

All I had on was my hoodie and my pair of Eddie Bower fingerless gloves. Didn't need anything else.

The spot I picked wasn't very deep in fact I figure 4 to 5 at 75 feet or so. I shortened my leader to 12" and out went two lines of rainbow Power Bait a little over 25 feet from shore. That was where they were the last time. OK, so how did I know it was 4 to 5 at 75 feet? Never mind, you know how.

I sat for a couple hours and as neighbors came and went, nothing.

My spot for the day
That far from the truck
I reeled in one line and had something on. It felt like a 10 pound fish although there was little fight. When I got it to shore, it was a plastic ice bag filled with water. Pigs. 

Can't even find a trash can or take it with them.
Around 11:00 I reeled in one line and with my little Okuma started tossing a 1/4 oz. pink Kastmaster. Right away I got a bump. Then a second bump, but no hookup. So I did the most logical thing and changed to a 1/8th oz. pink Kastmaster. Only took two casts and the fish was on. A 1 lb. 14 oz Rainbow on 2 lb. test line. Cool.

Since I didn't bring any lunch, I planned to leave around Noon, but just before, my neighbor (to the left) saw a fish jump right where my line was. A good indication that I had a fish on one of my Power Bait rods since the line went straight. This one came in at 1 lb. 15 oz. 

1'14" on the left, 1'15" on the right.
A couple nice Mt. Lassen Hatchery Trout to start 2015. The Mt. Lassen Hatchery Trout are a little different from the ones that the DFW stock as they have usual Rainbow markings and a bunch a speckles (black spots) on them. A very pretty fish. The picture below is so you can see what they look like. Also they have orange meat similar in color to Salmon.

Disclaimer: I did not catch the fish in the picture below. Would have been nice if I had.

A Mount Lassen Rainbow
 Around 1:30 I called it a day. I was OK with those two. 

My neighbor John  and his wife are having a nice fish dinner tonight.


  1. 27 degrees is cold. I notice the coffee from Starbucks....where's Cooks Station.

    1. Cooks Station is on the way uphill. Lake Camanche is downhill, thus Starbucks.

  2. Good going, Mark.
    And Happy New Fishing Year!
    Marisa and I thought about joining you, but we realized that you did not have new fishing license yet so that we couldn't.
    So, Kastmaster is the one to use now... I wonder jigging Power Egg + Worm would work.

  3. Nice. That's a great start to the new year (trash aside).

  4. Mark, just admire the fact that you were ready to give that cold weather a kick in the teeth if necessary. Preparation is a key part of being successful, and, that you were my friend! Those are some pretty trout to kick off the season.

  5. Mark
    What a great way to start the new year, did you and the wife get invited for the fish fry your neighbor was having? Glad to back with you guys---thanks for sharing----colorful trout!!