Friday, March 13, 2015

All I Was Looking For Was A Little Peace And Quiet

I could have stayed home and been bored. There isn't much you can do when your house is on the market. It's a"Keep the place spiffy" kind of thing. OR, I could have gone out to Lake Camanche and sat in the sunshine, been warm, and get a little vitamin D. So I did.

I got out to the lake at North Shore around 8:45 and the girl at check-in said they planted South Shore and the Trout Pond yesterday. OK, I had no desire to get into the combat fishing that's the Trout Pond the day after they plant.

So I drove out to our little cove below the parking lot at the Day Use Area. Set up my chair and put one rod out with rainbow Power Bait and the other one with a crawler and a couple white floaty things. Drank a cup of coffee and ate an apple danish. One has to get their priorities straight.

See, nice and quiet
Just after 9:30 the DFW pulled in and planted the launch ramp and the other side of the trailer parking lot. There were a couple house boats and a couple guys launching at the same time as the plant.

Suddenly I noticed about two dozen fish zipping by, right in front of me. My guess would be a trout can travel at about 15 mph. An educated guess, mind you. These two dozen were going at least 60 mph. They were hauling trout butt and heading South.  

They went that way, FAST.
It was still quiet, warm, and sunny until the Geese opened their collective mouths. Tune them out is what I did. Then 10:00 rolled around and you know what that means. The fish started biting.

Nice and calm.
Oh wait, it's Friday the 13th. Of course I should have known. Last Friday the 13th, two 9 pound Rainbows, same spot. This Friday the 13th, I would not be left alone to absorb the sunshine and blue skies.

Fish one through five were little 12" DFW stocker Rainbows. Fish six & eight were Mt. Lassen Rainbows about a pound to pound and a half. Fish seven, nine, and ten were little stockers.

Oh, I tried not to catch any. I used Mouse Tails, Kastmasters, and even white Crappie jigs, but they only wanted rainbow Power Bait on a slip sinker rig. Every time I threw it out, they bit until I decided that either 12 or 1:00 pm, which ever came first, I would call it a day.

Now you say, of course 12 would come before 1:00, but I wasn't talking about Noon, I was talking about a dozen fish or 1:00 pm. As it turned out, 1:00 pm came first and I headed home.

No, I didn't keep any. I put them all back for another day or for someone else to catch. 

Getting ready for a warm weekend.
There is a boat show going on at Cal Expo this weekend. The sales people are pushing the fact that Folsom Lake has more water in it this year than it had last year. I thought it kind of funny and that's why I mention it because the water level in the lake is 23 inches higher than last year. That is definitely a reason to buy a boat.

So between the geese and the fish biting, there was no peace and quiet at the lake today.


  1. Yup, no peace and quiet, but, I still wish I was there sharing the shoreline with you. Oh, I do have my priorities straight. I love apple danishes!

  2. Peace and quiet that's what I love about the small stream.
    I agree you must have priorities, and coffee and danish are in the top two.

  3. Mark
    Sounds like a good combination, peace and quite that is, glad you had good trip.

  4. I look forward to one of those noisy fish days with you on the lake later this month!

  5. Way better than sitting inside all day. An apple danish sounds good right about now. House boats! That must be a humongous lake!