Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It Was All About Mouse Tails

Last Friday when I was at the Trout Pond, everybody was catching on Mouse Tails. I haven't bought any because I'd been doing OK with Kastmasters and Power Bait, but decided I need to get some just to stay in tune with the catching.

Saturday I headed down to town and hit Walmart and Big 5 picking up 7 of the 10 colors they come in. I came home and ordered the other 3 from Cabela's with a few other supplies I needed.

Today was the day to fish so I started at the North Shore where I had some business to take care of and then called Yuki to let him know they didn't plant yesterday like the last couple weeks (plant on Monday). We decided to meet at the Pond and work the back section where it's been the best the last few times I/we've been there.

The back side
I set up on the far right beyond that last tree with one rod out with a red/brown Mouse Tail (actually the package calls them Mice Tails) on a slip sinker rig and an orange/green on the other rod to cast and retrieve. Those two seemed to be the "go to" colors last Friday.

Nothing happened.

Down the way I heard "Power Bait" and switched the first rod to rainbow Power Bait, still using the Mouse Tail on the other.

After a while I switched to the 1/8 oz. pink Kastmaster and started casting that while the rod with the Power Bait started bouncing. First fish brought to hand was two pounds and one ounce. Then I caught one on the pink Kastmaster that was a pound three ounces. Finally the third and last fish was a pound and four ounces caught on Power Bait. The Mouse Tails didn't work so well today. 

Me and three
I brought all three home for Bob just in case I might need my driveway plowed if we ever get any snow, that is. Bob's had it pretty easy these last two years. We've only had one time where we had 7 1/2 inches of snow and needed the road plowed.

1 of 3, this one at 2' - 1"
Yuki? I guess it was Yuki hex day. The only bite he got was from a little bitty Bass that took his Mouse Tail.

I guess it just goes back to "give them what they want today". I'll try Mouse Tails some other time. 


  1. Mark, as I so often say when it comes to trying to figure out a fish and their feeding habits, "I can sum that up for you in one word". Yanevano!............

    Oh, and speaking of "3". Do you expect to get on the water with him anytime soon?

    1. Hi Mel. Sorry for the delay, but Microsoft has been updating my laptop for the last day or so (OK, maybe an hour). Happens every Wednesday. I've thought about using "3" out on the pond, but I don't think I could control any of those trout, even the pounders let alone anything bigger. I got it because I kept getting my Tenkara rod and my 9 ft 6wt..stuck in the trees, so It'll have to wait until opening of stream season which is the end of April.

  2. Mark, I've got some lures and things that I think will do wonders for you. I just haven't invented them yet. Let me know if you're interested.

    1. If and when you "invent" them, let me know. I'll try anything. Ps, the Power Bait Fly didn't work.

  3. Mark
    O.K. you got my curiosity up, so what does a moose tail look like, especially a colored one?? Those were some nice trout, and had to be a blast landing.

  4. Nice fish! never fished a mouse tail but I can see how bass would love them!