Thursday, April 2, 2015

Death Of The Float Tube Cumberland

Hi, I'm still here.

Moving sucks. I've been spending all my time packing and moving "stuff" to storage. Do you have any idea of how much junk you can collect in 11 years? As Peanut (Jeff Dunham) would say, A LOT.

OK, the title of the post. I noticed the Float Tube Cumberland's right side was a bit flabby. I thought that maybe it had a little hole in the bladder because it was taking about a week to deflate. Well, it had a hole, but it was a crack in the part that you screw the air valve into and not something that can be patched.

For now, the Float Tube Cumberland is "dead in the water".

That's it for now. I hope everybody else is out catching fish.


  1. It sounds like an honorable death Mark. Are you going to buy a new tube? There are lots of different models out there. Sounds like time for review of what you find if you are going to be shopping. By the way, I'm glad to see you are back writing again.

    1. Makes no sense to spend a couple hundred $$$$ on a new tube when you can get two new bladders for about $65.00. Once I'm back in action I'll probably go that way.

    2. Well, you got me all fired up Mark. I got the tubes and gear out and ready for a trip.

  2. Good solution. Hope you can get out there soon.

  3. have you gotten out on the water recently?

  4. Glad you were able to figure out a cost saving solution to the problem! It still sucks that it was ripped in the first place.