Sunday, April 26, 2015

I've Landed

We are finally here at the new La Casa Kautz.  Note, no pine needles, no snow, nothing but clean cut lines and green grass (for now).

La Casa Kautz
The dust hasn't settled yet because we are having the carpet replaced with hardwood floors starting tomorrow. The garage is full of furniture and all my shop equipment is still in storage, BUT I will be out on a stream the week of the 3rd. General Trout Season opened yesterday. Now all I have to do is find my fishing equipment.

The only problem I have is that I can no longer access Outlook where all my email addresses are were. So, if you'd be kind enough please send me a Hi email at so I can start a new address book I would be much appreciative.

Thanks everybody.



  1. Nice looking new home for La Casa Kautz............

    Email sent.

  2. Nice! I hope the rest of the process goes well for you.

  3. Out of the woods and into the subdivision.Looks like a fine house. I hope the smaller yard means more time for fishing.

  4. Mark
    I hope you are in an area where you can water the lawn, hate to see that green grass turn brown----really impressed with your new home. I know you and the wife will enjoy living there.

  5. Hope you're settled in. More importantly, hope you find all of your fishing gear. I can attest that opening day felt a bit odd: steelhead weather while chasing mountain trout. Looking forward to your reports.

  6. Great looking home and front yard, Mark!

  7. Nice looking home Mark. Can't wait until you start fishing again.