Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Fell Off The Horse

Two weeks ago I was back to fishing after almost two months of moving. Last Monday my Wife and I went to IKEA (I'm sure you've all heard of IKEA) to drain our checkbook.

This is not a story of I'm too broke to go fishing or I have too many things to assemble or IKEA doesn't have any fishing gear (which they don't) but a story of pain and suffering.

You see, as we were collecting the items we wanted to purchase, I stacked two-three drawer filing cabinets on top of a new fly tying bench (picture to follow). Just in case you've never been to an IKEA (I don't now how that would be possible in this day and age), everything comes "ready to assemble" in boxes. Well, most of it anyway.

Here is the scenerio: We have a cart. On the cart are a couple of new chairs (ready to assemble) with the desk top for the fly tying bench, and then those two-three drawer filing cabinets (also ready to assemble). The filing cabinets weigh something in the area of 50 pounds each, the fly tying bench desktop next to nothing. Did I mention that the fly tying bench desktop was covered in plastic? Slick as ice.

In one swift move, the desktop and both of the filing cabinets slid off the cart and landed right where my foot was. Actually right on top of my foot.

Yes I swore right there in the middle of IKEA. Yes I limped around until the pain receded. Notice I said receded not stopped and no, I didn't take my sneaker off to see the damage. For that I waited until I got home.It was ugly.

I'd take a picture and show you my foot, but I don't think you really want to see it. Yes, it's black and blue. Yes it still bleeds on occasion, like yesterday after I mowed the lawn. BUT, it doesn't hurt anymore. I have to think it's still numb.

So, Yuki, Jim, and I were supposed to fish tomorrow, but being unable to put on a shoe and fear of a bleeding foot, I think passing would be the best scenario.

I haven't abandoned you, I'm just limping around the house waiting for the toe nail to fall off and the bleeding to stop so I can get back up on the horse (so to speak).

In the mean time, I hope you all can fish your little hearts out and think of me (at least once) when you catch a fish.



  1. All the things I can think of to say would be considered smart ass. That's just not my style. What were you thinking stacking all that stuff? Where's the picture of the fly tying bench top? Okay, I am a little smart ass.

  2. That is unfortunate. I hope you heal up quickly. I wish I wasn't too broke to fish...

  3. See what happens when you decline my fishing invitations? haha just messing with you. feel better!

  4. Hi, Mark. That hurts all the way to Northern Colorado. Hope you are able to get back on your feet (no pun intended) soon. Look forward to seeing your tying desk. By the way, still raining a bunch in Northern Colorado so I am not fishing either. We have some things in common!