Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oh So Lonely

I have no idea what's going on in the fishing community. Two months of moving, a week of sitting with my foot up because it was smunched, and no one is saying anything out on the forums about fishing the upcountry lakes has left me fishing blind.

So, with little expectation I drove up the hill this morning. Made my usual stop at Cooks for coffee, but let me make a note here that what used to be a 10 minute trip from the old house to Cooks, now takes me 30 minutes. What used to be about 5 miles is now 27 miles. There seems to be some disadvantage to living in town. ALTHOUGH, come Winter, fishing downcountry is going to be a breeze.   

That said, I made my first stop at Bear River Reservoir. Since nobody is talking, I didn't know what the water level was going to be and was pleasantly surprised to find quite a bit. It wasn't May levels, but more like late August/early September levels. 

Still nursing a bum foot, I did find a nice, flat spot not too far from the water. See below.

Not so far from the water
There were two other groups fishing to my left and one to my right. The gentleman next to me said that fishing last week was good (of course), but today not so good.

Those to my left
The dam over yonder
Over the period of two hours I fished rainbow Power Bait plain, with sweet corn, with garlic, with anise, and a hand full of Kastmasters to no avail. 

Then everybody left, leaving my by my lonesome.

Only the lonely remained.
Then a couple of young men dropped off the dam and started fishing right next to it. All during the time I was there people kept looking over the side of the dam and noting multiple fish swimming around. You know as well as I do that just because you can see them doesn't mean you can get them to bite.

One of the two young men started pulling in fish after fish. What the hell? So I hobbled over to see what he was using. I was stopped by some invisible force field fifty feet from where they were. I guess what they were using was a secret.

That said, they were kind enough to tell this poor, hobbling old fart what they were using, but swore me to secrecy. It was one of those cut your palm and slap palms with the other guy kind of blood oath thing, BUT NOW I KNOW.

So I went home skunked, but as Arnold said "I'll be back".


  1. Mark, at least you were able to shake off the pain and get back on the water. Happy to hear you had some water to fish in still. We have had plenty. No fishing for me either lately................... Keep it in blood, brother!

  2. Mark
    O.K I will take a stab----mill worms or crickets

  3. Just a stab in the dark...medical marijuana. The fish here apparently love it. Glad you got out and hope the foot is getting better.

  4. I had a guy here tell me his best bait for rainbow trout is cheese balls.