Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Heart Just Wasn't In It

I left the house at 7:30 with the intention of fishing Silver Lake, nothing more. After a coffee stop, I got to the lake at 8:30, checked in and headed to the Day Use area where we usually fish.

Two lines out, one with rainbow Power Bait and the other with a pink/white Mice Tail. Nothing.

Change the Mice Tail to red/brown and the Power Bait to Pink. Nothing.

Back to rainbow Power Bait and my little Okuma with the pink Kastmaster. Nothing.

So I took pictures around the lake. 

This is where we usually set up.
Unfortunately the water was a little deep to walk over there. Told you this lake was full.

As the day progressed, the wind picked up, coming from the South where the Washington Fire is and so did the smoke. After two hours of 10 to 15 in your face and increasing smoke, it felt like I was back in Los Angeles again. If you've ever experienced the smog in LA, you know the feeling.

So because of the wind and smoke, I just couldn't get into fishing and headed home after only 2 hours. Anybody got any oxygen?

I did stop at Munnerlyn's for an ice cream cone. You'll hear more about them later.


  1. Man, you guys can't win for losing. If it's not the drought it's fires. If it's not fires it's mudslides. Ever think of relocating Mark? The lake is very pretty as most of your lakes are. I've got oxygen, but sorry I can't spare a drop.

    1. Howard, I did relocate. From up the hill, down into town.

  2. Mark
    Wind, fire, drought, and of course trimmers, are all part of the California landscape. Jason said it is hard for him to get use to living there. The money is what keeps him going. Do you know anything about the small lakes around lake Tahoe? Jason and a friend were up there the other looking at the scenery and found all these small lakes.

  3. Mark, I hear ya' my friend. Sometimes the heart just is not in it...............
    Has happened to me a time or two over the years. Anyway, hope that you soon can play your cards the way you want and get some fresh air and fresh fish to play with.

  4. Great to see a full lake in Cali! I miss Silver Lake!