Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Welcome To Summer

Once again, summer has arrived and California is on fire.

According to YubaNet.com there are currently seven fires burning in California. The biggest is the one down South around Big Bear Lake (currently 17,000+ acres).

The reason I'm writing this is because of the one called the "Washington" fire. In the past, I've talked a lot about the East Fork of the Carson River, Markleeville, and have touched on Carson River Resort where I caught my first two trout on the fly.

The "Washington" fire is currently 16,544 acres at last count and 0% contained. It is listed as 10 miles South of Markleeville. The Carson River Resort is about 5 miles South of Markleeville. The whole area is pretty much evacuated and Markleeville is on notice to prepare to be evacuated.

Add to that, the wind has picked up and the temperature is rising. The temperature is expected to be 106 degrees on Thursday (in Sacramento) which will be little help to the firefighters.

Keep your fingers crossed that all is well with Todd (who owns), the Carson River Resort and those living in that area.

If you want to check in at YubaNet, here is the link YubaNet.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with the folks affected in one way or another. They're even predicting big fires here despite all the rain. Is it too soon to say come on Fall!

  2. Be safe out there. Hope people take extra caution when camping and disposing of flammable items.