Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Few More Pictures From Yesterday

Yours Truly

Food Thief

Me Again
This snake was at the North Fork of the Stanislaus River. Good thing Yuki took the picture, I'd have thrown rocks at it. I hate snakes.

Snake in the river
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  1. Oh, I can do without snakes. That is for sure. You look comfortable, Mark. That first picture of you, I think I see a trout swimming about 20' feet out. Was that Ol' Walter?

  2. Geez, I wonder if that's what I'm going to look at when I retire?

  3. What scenery. It is beautiful up there.

  4. The snake is "Sierra Gartersnake" which is unique in these high mountains and active only during three or so short months of relatively warm weather of the year. Highly aquatic that you'd find them swimming in the water chasing after the minnows. Snakes are important members of our delicate eco system so please do not throw stone at them.

    1. I promise, no stone throwing. Doesn't mean I have to like them.

  5. Mark
    No fan of any snakes, looks like there are a lot of nice drift wood on the banks of those lakes. My wife and I always make a trip to Smith once a year to pick up some nice pieces of drift wood to use in the yard. That big stump is awesome looking.