Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Spectactular Day

Aah, Silver Lake at 60 degrees with sunshine and blue skies. Doesn't get much better than that. OK, maybe if 20 or so fish were caught it would be better.

Seems like it took forever to get up there. Probably had something to do with the gazillion gravel trucks that have been running up and down the mountain for the last couple weeks, that I know of. A good portion of the drive was at 20 to 35 mph and when you could finally pass one, you just ran into another one.

But I finally got to Silver Lake around 10:00. Checked in, paid my $5.00 parking and drove over to Ferguson Point for a change of scenery. Ferguson Point was the first place I fished Silver Lake several years ago when my wife and I went up there for a picnic. Yes, we went for a picnic and I took my fishing rod and WORMS.

I parked at just about the same place and put out two rids with rainbow Power Bait. Then I remembered I'd forgot my license (which also has my hemostat and clippers) so I walked back to the truck, got them, and walked back down to the lake.

In that short period of time, one of those little 8" stockers decided it wanted my PB. Brought him close to shore, snapped a couple shots, and let him go for another day.  


Same fish
While I was sitting and waiting for the next fish (which never came) I snapped a few shots for your enjoyment.

The picnic spot is there, but under water.

Later in the year, you'll be able to walk to this island

But not that one
My truck is parked over to the left somewhere.

So, with nothing biting, my mind wandered to Upper Blue Lake last week and the brown Power Egg.

Then I had an epiphany. I'm not a religious sort of person so don't take an epiphany as some sort of religious experience. I had a bag full of Mice Tails and thought there must be one that has a brown egg.  

Voila, brown Power Egg
All I had to do was snip off the red Power Worm part and Voila, brown Power Egg. Now you ask, did it work? Of course not. Apparently it only works in Upper Blue Lake and where ever it was Yuki saw it work. I did slather it with Pro-Cure Garlic scent.

Since I wasn't getting any bites at Ferguson Point, I decided to wander over to the dam. Rumor had it that the DFW planted yesterday. 

Took a few more shots for your pleasure.

The outlet that feeds Silver Creek and eventually Silver Fork

Over to the left.
The next two shots are of our resident Bald Eagle. You might have to make the picture large to see him sitting on the left about half way down.

Resident Bald Eagle

We've photoed him before over at the day use area.
When I got to the dam, I noticed a really nice looking truck. It's the one behind mine in the photo below. Belongs to John. First let me explain the truck. See, it's the same year as mine. It's the same style as mine. It's the same color as mine. It's a twin of mine. It belongs to John. I knew I'd like him right away. John fishes almost all the places I fish and at almost the same time. Odd that I've never run into him before although I'm sure we will meet again. 

Twin trucks
On the way home I thought I'd stop at Munnerlyn's for an ice cream. They had Raspberry Truffle, my favorite. Raspberry ice cream with chocolate chunks with Raspberry liqueur inside. Talk about decadent.....

Here is what the outside of Munnerlyn's looks like. It's in beautiful Pine Grove population, somewhere around 2220 and an elevation of just under 2500 feet. Note all the solar panels, very green.   

Oh, forgot to tell you, I did catch another one of those 8" stockers at the dam and this time I gave it to John to add to the one that he caught. He was bringing the two to his neighbor.

That's it for now.


  1. Well Mark that lake looks to be holding a good amount of water.
    I'll take some of that ice cream.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me! That lake is gorgeous I might add.

  3. Ice cream from mom and pop places is the best. In my experiences anyway. Beautiful scenery, Mark. Thank you, for taking those pictures!

  4. Mark
    You know how to make a road trip interesting. Have you used the float tube in the first lake you were fishing? If my wife and I had another life to live it would be in the mountains. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Bill. The Float Tube Cumberland is currently dead in the water. It has bladder blow out, but I've ordered new bladders and should be back on the water soon. Silver Lake (the whole post is Silver Lake) is one on mt FT list.

  5. Mark, it took me a day to read this post. I could not get past each of the stunning lake photos without doing a little dreaming in my fishing mind! Thanks for sharing Silver Lake with us. I like topping my fishing day off with an ice cream cone, too.

  6. What Mel said. Your lakes sure seem to be prettier than a lot of other lakes I've seen. Hope you get the Floattube Cumberland out of dry dock soon.