Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th Of July

Here we are on the verge of the Nation's Birthday.

I had a discussion with Howard over at Windknots & Tangled Lines about people drowning in local rivers (his and mine). It went something like this: Warm weather, cold rivers, and Boneheads = drowned Boneheads.

Well, we've haven't even gotten to the 4th and today the firefighters have already rescued three out of the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers. Only one was alive. Ya tell them and tell them and tell them and they still get themselves drowned. I guess some of the younger set aren't as bulletproof as they think they are.

new fireworks shop in New Hampshire has been sending fliers to ...

See Spectacular 2012 4th of July Fireworks at Chicago's Navy Pier

So, tomorrow and Sunday we are doing the Yard Sale thing. I can't believe it, we put Saturday and Sunday in the paper, the two signs I put up this morning as a "notice" of the yard sale said Saturday and Sunday and we had no less that 20 people drive by wanting to know where the yard sale was. I was standing if front of one of the signs I had just put up and someone stopped and asked where the yard sale was. By then I was in no mood for stupid and I pointed at the sign and said "See the sign? Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 4". I guess I insulted their intelligence because they drove away mumbling, probably remarks about the rude guy on the corner.

With that said, I'll leave you with a "Happy 4th" and a little saying from Confucius:

The Greatest Educator—Confucius
Confucius say: He who go 4th with a 5th on the 4th, may not live to see the 5th. 

See you all next week.


  1. Enjoyed your thoughts on this post, Mark. Try as we may, we don't seem to be able to fix "Stupid". Your Yard Sale comment cracked me up! You selling any fishing stuff?

    1. Got rid of a couple old spinning reels. That's all that was out there.

  2. He who drinks a 5th on the 4th probably drown on the 5th. Happy 4th Mark!

  3. Hope the yard sale went well. I always hated holding those...when people would try to barter on something that we labeled as $2...
    Would you take $1?
    C'mon, it's $2.
    I just never had the patience.