Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wow, That Was Fun

Sorry, but there are no pictures to go with this post so if you want to bail, do it now. 

On the other hand, if you bail you'll be missing a good story about catching fish.

Yuki got to the house at 8:00 and with his gear packed in my truck we headed up the hill. We had a couple options. We could go to Caples Lake or Upper Blue Lake or any place in between.

He left it up to me and you know, if I had a choice it would be Upper Blue Lake and so it was.  

Now our local weather guessers said it wouldn't be raining or thundering or throwing lightening bolts out of the sky. OK, they got one out of three right.

We got to Upper Blue Lake at 10:00 and sure enough it was sprinkling. But after two hours of driving, we were going to fish Upper Blue come hell or high water. We set up at the usual spot and each put out one rod, mine with rainbow Power Bait and his with, get this, a garlic flavored brown Power Egg. Never saw that one before.

On our other rods we threw Kastmasters. I got one big (BIG) drive by and Yuki got one big (BIG) drive by on the Power Egg, but we lost both. He brought one to hand that was one of those little guys (8 inches or so) on another Power Egg and I brought one to hand (little guy too) on the rainbow Power Bait, but put them back for another day.

By then it was raining harder. Along with the rain came the thunder, but no lightening. See, one out of three. We decided to head back over the hill in hopes of driving out of the rain.

When we got back into Hope Valley, the rain had stopped so we decided to drive over to the West Fork of the Carson and fish a couple spots on the river. Neither place produced any fish.

Then we drove back over Carson pass and stopped at Caples Lake by the spillway. An hour of no bites and we called it a day. As I was reeling my last rod it felt like I had "something" on, but it wasn't a fish. I took a wild guess that it might be a crawdad just as it became airborne and hit me square in the chest making sure it tangled the line around my fishing license, my hemostats, and my clippers.

There I stood with a crawdad hanging from my chest, claws ready to pinch anything within pinching distance. I held it out, clipped it off, and dropped it (gently) back into the lake.

Then Yuki and I went for an ice cream at Munnerlyn's. As I said back on June 25th, here is a little more on Munnerlyn's. It's all home made. More later.  

Ok I lied when I said there weren't any pictures. Yours truly.
Caples Lake


  1. All in a day of fishing, Mark. I always "never" trust the weather person. It will be what it is rather they have it right or wrong. For what it is worth, never caught a Crawdad on a fishing line so you are one up on me.

    I would enjoy the Ice Cream....................

  2. There is one place I fish that you have to figure out how to fish past the crawdads to find the fish. It rarely happens. I'd enjoy the ice cream as well.

  3. I hate weather people...except for the good looking ones, but I still don't trust them. Haha had me laughing about the crawdad. Those pinchers can be a pain in the, where ever they pinch you.

  4. Anything that ends in icecream can't be that bad. Plus I say the crawfish counts.