Friday, August 21, 2015

Cats, A Breed Of Their Own

Most, if not all of you know that we have two cats. Jasper, in the picture below is a Tuxedo Kitty. Black and white with the white "tuxedo" in front. Sophie is a Calico although not really Calico colored (white, orange, etc.). She's mostly gray with a sprinkling of brown in her coat.

In our new home, they like to sit on the window sills in the front of the house so they can look outside. They don't have a screened in porch like they did up the hill so this is the replacement. 

To try an compensate for the lack of screen in porch, we bought Jasper a harness (like dogs use) and a leash so we can take him outside, mostly in the back yard (for now). He's been out three times now and and seems to have overcome being 1/2 an inch tall. Let me explain, when I got the harness and leash, the girl at Petco said he'd hunker down until he gets used to it. I guess hunkering down means he is 1/2 inch tall. I know that's kind of strange, but we do for our "children" what we can.

That brings me to Sophie. Now Sophie could care less about going outside. She does, however, sit in the windowsills as well. You have to understand that Sophie is a little odd. When we got her she was sitting in the back of the cage at the cat shelter just as quiet as can be. I succumbed to charms quietness and had to give her a home. 

One would look at the picture above and think that Sophie is looking down at something on the floor. Nope, that is Sophie sleeping on the windowsill. Actually she sleeps sitting up quite regularly. A little odd, don't you think? She also spends a good portion of the afternoon sleeping between Dad's legs on the recliner. Kind of reminds me of Smudge. Maybe she is a reincarnated Smudge. Ya never know.

Well, no fishing this week. Wasn't in the mood and I stopped writing for the paper a couple weeks ago so I don't HAVE to go just to have something to write.  

Should have something next week. Stay tuned.


  1. I'l echo what Jim said, cats are strange.

  2. Mark
    Never had a cat at our home going up, always dogs---dogs and cats are great companions--