Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fire Close To Home

The Butte Fire. Located off Butte Mountain Rd. about 14 miles SE of Jackson. Our house is on the South side of Jackson and we can clearly see where the fire is.

Here a few photo's I took last night and first thing this morning.  

Around 4:00 pm
Same time
 At that time it was listed as 50 acres.

Around 5:30 pm
 Now listed at 100 acres.

About 6:30 pm

Same time
 At this point they said 160 acres.

We had dinner outside since the electric shut off about 6:00 pm. I tried to catch one of the water dropping helicopter as it passed right our house.

Traveling pretty fast.

Too fast to get a really clear shot.

One of the last for the night
 Power was finally restored at 10:45 pm long after we'd gone to bed. This morning the talking heads said that the fire had jumped the Mokelumne River and was burning near the Power House at the end of Electra Rd where we've fished many, many times. Current size is now 4000 acres and 20% contained.

The Mokelumne River canyon is also one of the most protected watersheds in the area. Unfortunately only the firefighters can protect it now.

Looking SE from our back yard this morning.
Yuki and I were planning to go back up to the "secret" lake this morning, but he spent a good portion of last night moving his horses to another ranch (possible evacuation) so we cancelled.

After thinking about this fire and how they can jet up a canyon I decided to stay home too. Although the "secret" lake is a long way from where the fire is I didn't want to take the chance of getting caught up in that canyon. We'll go another day.

Stay tuned.