Monday, September 14, 2015

Heading For Upper Lake??????

Before I get started I just went over 350,000 hits. A new milestone.  

We are still waffling whether to go or not. It's not so much the Valley Fire (Lake County by Clearlake 61,000 acres and 5% containment) or the Butte Fire (By our house 71,063 acres with 30% containment). How do you justify going and having a good time when all those people have been displaced and so many have lost their homes.

The decision will be made sometime Wednesday whether we go or not. 

In the mean time I decided to break out the tying vise a whip up a couple Buggers I'm short on.

So, follow along.

Thread and hook
Anyone that ties flies knows that (thread & hook). The hook is a TMC 5262 size 8. The thread is Danville 210 denier black.

I'm not going to go into that step by step of tying a Woolly Bugger. Most of you have tied hundreds. Besides I'm not all that good a tyer anyhow.
Pink Chenille
For the Brest Cancer Bugger, tie a black Woolly Bugger and just use pink chenille instead of black. Same everything else except don't forget the bead on the front (if you're a bead kind of person) like I did on all three flies I tied yesterday. I'm a bit out of practice.
Pink Chinelle, black hackle, copper wire.
 You know the program. Here's the final product.

Brest Cancer Bugger
So, for my next act, keeping in mind the Cal Trans Rig from last year. Forgot? OK, here: Power Eggs in this order, orange, white, chartreuse. I dug through boxes and boxes of fly tying stuff in my office and came up with the following.

Hook - TMC 5262 size 8 (of course it's the same as the one above. I already had the hooks out).
Thread - Danville 210 denier in fluorescent orange.
Tail - Fluorescent white strung Marabou from Kiene's Fly Shop in beautiful (although smoky at the moment) Downtown Sacramento.
Body - First Ultra Fluorescent Orange Chenille then Ultra Fluorescent Chartreuse Chenille.

Once again don't forget the bead on the front if you're a bead kind of person. 

And Presto, my imitation of the Cal Trans Rig in a fly. Will it work? Only time will tell.
Cal Trans Rig Fly
If we decide to go, I'll drop an Adios here before we leave.

Stay tuned.

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