Thursday, September 3, 2015

Holy Brown Trout, Batman

Here's the plan. Like I mentioned on the August 25th post, Yuki has this thing for Brown Trout. So today we went to the "Secret" lake. You know, the lake everybody knows about. It's been more than a year since last I was here.Maybe I should write poetry.

First he fished at the corner.

Yuki at the corner of the inlet

Lake picture

Another lake picture.
 Then he fished at the inlet.

Yuki deeper into the inlet
When we got there, I cut off about 4 feet of the line on my little Okuma (2#) and with a double surgeon knot, tied it on the end of Yuki's rod. I added a size 14 TMC 100 hook. OK, I took some hooks from my fly fishing box and a BB sized split shot about a foot from the hook. Then on went the live cricket hooked through the collar.

While he was casting and removing green junk off his sinker and hook, I rigged up my little Okuma the same way and started over in the inlet.

It wasn't long before I hooked this little brown.

Closer so you can see how little.
A couple of quick photo's and back in the lake it went.

Lake look familiar?
I might mention, at this time, that the Blackberries (which are usually ripe this time of year) were sour enough to pucker your head.  That's not really relevant, but I just threw it in.

So, after a thousand throws (isn't a Brown the fish of a 1000 casts? OK maybe not.) with crickets and I even threw several Kastmasters, I returned to the inlet. Understand, I'm only able to cast out about 10 feet. A BB split shot doesn't give you a lot of throwing power.

After several casts, I hooked into one that I thought I'd never land. It ran and ran and ran and all the time I was yelling "Yuki, net". After five minutes of fighting I brought a HUGE Brown to hand.  

Being as careful as I could.

Wet hands to pick it up for a photo.

Anybody have a forklift?

My biggest Brown to date
I estimate (I didn't want to put it on the scale or measure it) it at least 24 inches and a good four pounds, maybe five. As easily as I could, slipped it back into the water and made sure it got it's wind back. Off it went. Two things I noticed about it was it looked like it might have had (at one time) line wrapped around it's nose. It had a crease from the side of it's mouth, across the nose just under it's eyes, and back to the other side of the mouth. The second thing I noticed is that it had a good "scar" by the back dorsal fin from possibly a fight some time recently. It looked kind of raw.

Those, unfortunately, were the only two fish of the day and I was the luck one to catch them (The Yuki hex?). We're going to give it another shot next week. Maybe I'll let Yuki do all the fishing.

Oh, on the way home we stopped at Munnerlyn's for an ice cream cone. 

Stay tuned.


  1. Mark,
    It was great sharing the great moment with you.
    Good thing that you remembered that you had forgotten to bring the crickets with you that we made a quick u-turn. Without them you would never have caught that big brown.

  2. A high five Mark. That brown is one hell of a fish.

  3. That is one nice brown! Nice going Mark and you didn't even need Powerbait.

  4. Mark
    Another one of those awesome lakes you guys fish out there, I wish we had those nice browns here---good read!!