Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Morning Fire Update

Not a lot of change. 65,000 acres and 15% containment.

Katherine's friend and co-worker that was evacuated a couple days ago and has been staying with us went home last night. She's no longer a Happy Camper now that she's back in her own home. Glad we could be there for her.

Not much else, evacuations and evacuation advisories now extend up to Pioneer and Buckhorn (the road to the "secret" lake starts in Buckhorn. There are also evacuations in parts of San Andreas (where I meet Yuki to fish up Lake Alpine way), Murphys, and Angels Camp (fish Angels Creek upon occasion). Just a perspective of the vastness of this fire. It takes me an hour to get from home to Angels Camp.

Damage currently stands at 86 homes and 51 outbuildings with 6400 homes still threatened.

Here's a list of personnel and equipment being used. Again just a perspective of the vastness of this fire.  

Total Fire Personnel: 3,852  
Total Fire Engines: 452  
Total Fire crews: 77  
Total Helicopters: 17  
Total Dozers: 94  
Total Water Tenders: 48  
The new fire we're also watching is the "Valley" fire up in Lake County by Clearlake. We're heading in that direction next Thursday for a weekend at Upper Lake.

The Valley fire was 400 acres (Yesterday at 1:24 pm) and still being reported that size when we went to bed last night. This morning Cal Fire listed it at 40,000 acres. This fire is South and West of Clearlake so shouldn't be a problem.

Sure hope it rains soon. 

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  1. Thanks for the update Mark. I'm praying for rain for you guys. I have a friend in Clearlake.