Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Passing Of One Of The Greats

Yogi Berra passed away Yesterday at the age of 90. If you haven't seen article on MSN, go here.

There is a list of 50 Yogi-isms that will, if nothing else, make you laugh.

We'll miss you Yogi.  


  1. Mark you are correct in stating "one of the greats".to add to it he was that not only as a baseball player but as a human being.

  2. Mark
    All of our heroes are all leaving us, really admired Yogi he was one of a kind.

  3. What Bill said. Those people that we looked up to when we were young are leaving us at an alarming rate. RIP Yogi!

  4. I was a big Yankees fan as a kid. Yogi was one of my heroes along with Mickey Mantle and all the rest. The end of an era.