Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm So Disappointed

Monday they showed up to start the mold removal. First they sealed everything off. I thought they'd at least use clear plastic like they do on TV so I could watch, but Noooooo. They make it so you can't watch.

The kitchen behind the wall
The red thing is a zipper for entry and exit.

Down the side. This is actually the dining room.
So after they left for the day, I snuck in and took a couple pictures. It's not very often (and I hope never again) that you have one of those water/mold remover companies grace your presence.

Everything taped closed

The machine is a de-humidifier

The mold is hiding there.
Tuesday morning and all I got was the guys to remove the bad stuff with breathing masks. I was so hoping for guys in space suits, but I guess the mold wasn't the space suit type. I was so disappointed.  Probably a good thing because I'm sure the space suit guys were a lot more expensive, even though the insurance company was paying for it.

With everything removed and cleaned with mold cleaner, the testing company popped in at 4:00 pm to sample the air to make sure all mold was gone. A half hour of doing something inside the plastic, and about 40 minutes of testing (while driving to the next job) called and gave the ALL CLEAR.

So I thought the only decent thing to do was to open the plastic and take a look. I'm telling you this just in case you find a place where water has been leaking in your house for half the year. You will know what to expect.

The picture below is where the pantry (see picture 5) was and where the wall on both sides was moldy. 
Hole goes through to the master bedroom.
I also noticed that the kitchen floor was gone too.

Kitchen floor gone.
You can see the hole a little better here. Make the picture larger and in the center square is the culprit.

All clean
Time out. I'm stopping to listen to Jefferson Airplanes White Rabbit on Pandora. In case you're not one of the 30 million or so that have listened to it on YouTube, here is the Link.

OK, final picture. This is the "contained" pantry in my garage. I guess the contractor who will be fixing everything needs it. Better in the garage than in the house because it had the most mold on the back of the cabinet.

Pantry Coffin.
Maybe I'll be able to fish again one of these days.


  1. Sorry you have to be going through this....

  2. Yep, my basement is still gift wrapped in plastic. That's what it looks like. I hope you get thing put back together soon.

  3. Mark
    Didn't know one had to endure this type clean up with mole, hope it never happens to you guys again

  4. Wish this on no one. What a pain, but it could have been worse.