Friday, October 30, 2015

Lake Amador In A Boat

Last week I saw a post on one of the local forums that they have started planting trout at Lake Amador. Wednesday I wandered over and talked to the office and sure enough they planted 3500 pounds on October 22nd.

Since today was the only day Yuki and I had open, we decided to throw his boat, yes Yuki has a boat, into the lake and see what we could scrape up. I use that phrase (scrape up) because there just isn't a lot of water in the lake.  That is until you get out into one of the coves and then you find there is really a lot of water still in the lake. Some of the coves were probably 25 or more feet deep.

We launched about 9:30 and headed up the first cove we came to. We just drifted. Yuki put out two rods with crawlers and I put out one with Power Bait and the other with a pink Kastmaster. We drifted. We drifted some more. Then the wind picked up and we drifted a little faster. 

Yuki in the drivers seat.

Yours truly waiting for the first bite
We drifted in and out of several coves and in one (I don't remember which one) Yuki got a bite. A big bite.
Yuki wrestling with what ever was on the line.
Yuki worked what ever was on the line for several minutes and then "hung up". My guess and I think his too, it was probably a good sized Bass (there are some big ones in the lake) and it ran him into a submerged tree. End of the "big" one.

For the next 3 hours or so we trawled back and forth on the lake pulling:
1. Crawlers
2. Salmon Eggs
3. Kastmasters
4. Rapala's
5. Crawlers under a bobber
6. Salmon eggs under a bobber
7. Flashers with crawlers
8. Flashers with a Rapala and a crawler

I don't think I missed anything. You can say we gave it our all, but there wasn't a fish to be found.

Finally with Yuki's back hurting and me having a muscle spasm in my left leg, we called it a day.

The only thing that was a real bummer is that fish were popping on the surface, but weren't interested in anything we offered. I did check water temperature when I was at the office and they said it was 65 to 70 depending on where you were on the lake. Lake Camanche said they aren't planning to stock until sometime in November.  I think it was just a little too early for downcountry lakes.

On the other hand, it is supposed to rain on Sunday with snow levels down to 5000 ft. That would be Cook's Station level. Might be the end to fishing upcountry, maybe. 


  1. Don't you ever smile Mark? Certainly just getting out was cause for celebration. On the other hand, I'll bet if you had found a willing fish you'd have found the whole flock.

    1. I only smile when big fish are in the net. Just kidding. Next time.

  2. Hi, Mark. Really happy to see you got out on the water with Yuki and the boat. Sometimes that is a good way to cover water, particularly, when you are searching for fish. Sorry to hear the fish didn't cooperate for your efforts...... Will be interested to see how you winter trout season responds down your way.

    For what it is worth, I took the summer off from blogging while serving some significant family needs. I am back on board in just the last week or so. Somehow my previous blog address disappeared on blogger. I am sure it was my own doing. Anyhow, I am back and sure hope you can re-connect with me over on my new blog site. Here is my address

  3. You should have trolled a gray ghost streamer fly.

    1. Thanks Alan. I believe I have one in one of my fly boxes. If not, I'll make one up. We'll be back out there soon.

  4. Mark
    Glad you guys made it out in the boat, my boat fishing is over for this year, the tailrace is where I will spend the rest of the year fishing.