Thursday, October 8, 2015

Last Trip To Upper Blue Lake This Season?

Upper Blue Lake, 8100 feet elevation, Winter is coming, and most of the campgrounds are closed. Yuki and I left the house at 0900 and with the road construction delays (apparently they haven't changed seasons yet), made it to Upper Blue Lake at 11:00.

IMMEDIATELY Yuki started getting bites while I untangled my three rods. Three rods travel together for any length of time and you end you snipping and retying which is what I was doing while Yuki was getting bite after bite. That's different.

Yuki re-baiting after many bites.
Finally I managed to get one rod in the water. Yuki kept getting bites. Notice I said bites. For some reason that neither of us could figure out, they wouldn't stay on the line. Might try Superglue next time. I got my second rod in the water and there I sat while Yuki kept getting bite after bite. I might note at this time he was using rainbow Power Bait.

Me sitting, no bites.
Still sitting, no bites.
I-Phone sitting, no bites.
Another I-Phone sitting with no bites.
OK, I got a couple, but couldn't keep them on the line either.

Mean while Yuki managed to put a 9" and 10" Rainbow on the stringer. Somehow he slipped in some Salmon Eggs which is what he caught the first one on. Looks like I was going to get the old skunkeroo.

Then I hooked one, only to have it drag me into the rocks and away it went. I was not having a fun day.

We decided to throw in the towel (that's a boxing term for those of you that don't know where it came from. ie throw the towel into the ring and give up.) The plan was to head back down the hill at 2:00.

At exactly 1:45 I got a hit and managed to keep it on the line long enough to bring it to shore. Yeh!!!!! I'll stop whining now. 
Almost to shore
Closer yet
Got him.........
My one and only fish about 10", but enough to beat the skunkeroo.Yuki took the first one and the second one, and I took the last one. That's different.

We're thinking we just might have to take another shot later next week. If we can still get up there we just might do a Float Tube Cumberland/kayak trip and give fly fishing a shot. I've been wanting to put the Float Tube Cumberland in Upper Blue Lake for some time now, but usually hesitate when I'm the only person up there. .

Stay tuned.


  1. "Might try Superglue next time." That's the funniest thing I've heard come out of your mouth in a long time! Don't give up on sour note Mark. Let us know how the superglue works for ya.


  2. At our age its just good to be outdoors, I guess you could say sometimes the fishing becomes secondary. Hope you make the float trip, I'm interested in seeing if you make a connection. Thanks for sharing

  3. Ya beat the skunk! Looks great out there!