Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween, The Next Day

Last night was the first "Trick or Treaters" we've had in over 14 years. Let me explain. Before we moved up the hill, we lived in a gated community for three years. Mostly retired people and what few kids were there, went to the community safe T or T spot. When we moved up the hill, we were so far out and at the end of a mile of dirt road, nobody came for the 11 years we were there.

So, let me tell you how many we had. We got 2 at 6:30 and one at 8:00. In between we got the:
Image result for minion picturesImage result for minion pictures    Image result for minion pictures  Image result for minion pictures

This is my description of the group of pre-schoolers that came in mass from our neighbors house two doors down. I have to tell you, they were all just as cute as Minions. The similarity was that they were about knee high and jabbered in an indistinguishable language, at least indistinguishable to a Geezer such as myself.

So I filled their bags, pumpkins, or buckets and off they went.

Total T or T'ers? Maybe 15. Happy Halloween.

Saw a post on a local forum about fishing at Lake Amador. According to his fish finder, the fish were 35 to 50 feet down. No wonder we didn't catch anything. On the other hand, he didn't either. Now I don't feel so bad.  


  1. We had 1 trick or treater. Isn't living in America great?

    1. I knew that I should have tricker treated at your house, Howard! I could have had quite the haul!! =)

  2. We had (4)...................

    They were all my grandkids! Guess who ends up eating all the candy we bought................

  3. We had zip. I can remember not to long ago a 100 kid night.

  4. I was in Colorado eating at my favorite restaurant and enjoyed watching all the people at the bar dressed up for the evening... hmmm... Maybe those weren't costumes... Ha.