Friday, November 13, 2015

Not A Bad Start

Just to bring you up to date, we've had rain for the last couple weekends and more expected this Sunday. These have been cold storms and dropped a good bit of snow in the mountains above 4000 ft. Most, if not all, of the ski resorts are open. It's a good start.

Now, Winter fishing downcountry. Back on October 30th, Yuki and I fished Lake Amador, but to no avail. I found out later that the fish were hanging out at the 35 to 50 foot depth. Had we known that at the time, we would have fished differently. Instead of trawling, we would have fished deep with Power Bait and worms out in the middle of the lake.

I heard a rumor that they began stocking Lake Camanche last Friday with a triple load of those nice Mt. Lassen Rainbows split between the North Shore, South Shore , and the Trout Pond.

Today was the first day I could get out (still dealing with the kitchen remodel thing) and the options were the three mentioned above. I wanted to fish the North Shore Day Use area that we did so well last March, but in a late decision, decided to fish the other side of the North Shore launch ramp.

I was hoping for flat ground, some place I could put out a couple rods, and enjoy the bright sun and blue skies. The place I picked was exactly that.

Have a look. 

The spot
Behind me.
Yuki dropped in about 9:30 (I got there about 8:45). I had two rods out, one with the ever faithful rainbow Power Bait and the other with a "secret" bait.

Somewhere around 10:30 or so I took first blood with a 1 lb. 6 oz. Rainbow on rainbow Power Bait of course. Nothing on the "secret" bait. In fact, I reeled in the line to check and the hook was empty. Re-baited with "secret" bait I put it back and tried the pink Kastmaster for a dozen or so casts.

Then Yuki landed one almost 2 pounds on rainbow Power Bait (I think he's a believer). His other rod had a crawler. A little later he got his second of the day, again on rainbow Power Bait. This one about a pound and a half.

We sat for almost two hours without a bite so decided to call it at 1:30. I was going to take part of my gear to the truck and as I got up, my rod started bouncing. I picked it up and waited for the bite, set the hook, had a split second fight and it was gone. Must have been barely lip hooked.

So with that excitement we decided to give it another half hour or so and finally left at 2:00.

Yuki decided it was my day for a picture with the fish, so here you are. I think there is a smile there somewhere.   

Me plus three
Yuki took them home and is going to smoke them. Should be yummy. He promised to drop some off his next trip to town.

By the way, I reeled in the "secret" bait again and it was gone. I think it melted because it was marshmallows. Mike's Atlas Glitter Glo Mallows to be exact, in pink of course, and I didn't have bite one, but they were gone. I'll give them another shot next time. 

Last thing on the agenda is Yuki's Daughter Marisa's 2016 calendar. I've never steered you wrong and this years is just as awesome as the last ones. So go here: Marisa's 2016 Calendar and check it out. This young lady is a Biologist and one hell of a photographer. Invest some of your hard earned bucks and buy one. I'm going to.


  1. Boy there's so much to be happy about here. Glad to hear you're getting some moisture and glad you got out fishing. Those are some respectable sized fish. I'd love some smoked fish. Ask Yuki if he'd drop some off at my place.

  2. Mark, I am liking the looks both of the water you have to work with and the condition of those Trout. Sounds like you have Yuki reeled in on the Power Bait. Do you have success during the winter months on Kastmasters?

  3. Nice catch......I still can't believe those lake levels.

  4. Mark
    I can't believe you guys are getting some of the wet stuff, its about time!!! Those are some quality trout you guys landed congrats!!

  5. I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that you should try garlic flavored marshmallows Mark. I can't remember the brand, but the great thing about them is if you get hungry they taste great!

    1. I'll take that under advisement. The hungry part. I actually thought about adding a little Pro-Cure garlic. Next time.

  6. Great to hear you guys are getting some water. I hope that trend continues and you maybe are able to start digging out from the drought you have been experiencing! Glad you got out and found a few fish as well.

  7. Those marshmallows have a tendency to fall off when you reel them in.

  8. Happy to hear you're getting some rain out there, and you're still able to get out there and fish. Some great looking fish there, Mark. Keep up the fishy reports!

  9. Good going on those rainbows! I need to take a day or two off and head out there!