Saturday, December 26, 2015

I Have A Complaint

We lived up the hill for 11 years. Not ONCE did we have a white Christmas, not ONCE. We sell the house, move down the hill, and the new owners get a a white Christmas the first year.

I know this to be true because Bob, you remember "Bob, I plow for fish" sent me an email letting me know they go 4 inches on Christmas Eve.

Yesterday I went to my Son's house for Christmas and they had snow. No body likes me.

Although, it did snow a little while I was there so I guess I got a somewhat white Christmas after all.

Hard to see the snow, but it was snowing.
Proof is in my truck bed.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa brought all you wanted.

Next week it's back to the business of fishing.  


  1. I like you Mark. Especially when there is no snow and you can get out fishing. We had snow at 6pm!

  2. No snow at my house either. :)
    Maybe one of these years...

  3. Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas, Mark! Glad you got some snow out that way!

  4. Mark
    At least you guys are getting some rain out there now, snow will never happen here this year. It was 75 here Christmas, crazy weather.