Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nothing Like A Good Skunking

I HAD to get out of the house. This kitchen remodel is driving me bonkers. The tile floor was finally done yesterday and I was out the door this morning, not quite as early as I wanted to, but early enough to partake in the moisture laden air we, around here, call Tule Fog.

Tule Fog is wet, cold, and generally miserable and upon occasion it hangs around all day. Today was one of those days even though the weather guessers said it was supposed to be a balmy 63 degrees.

Based on the weather guessers prediction, I headed out to Lake Camanche with just my hoodie. Boy, was that a mistake. Thirty minutes into the morning I sure could have used my parka. Fortunately I always carry gloves in my backpack (which goes everywhere with me). That helped a little.

So I pulled in at the North Shore launch area (where I've fished the last couple times) and set up two rods with rainbow Power Bait. By 11:00 I was starting to get a little hungry and since I'd not seen anything that looked like a fish (and that would include those around me) I decided to pack up, get a cup of coffee and a sweet roll of some sort at the marina, then go over to the Day Use Area.

Every place I usually fish on that side was occupied so I kept going. I was on roads that I'd never been on before (because of the water level being so low), but don't fret, I have 4 wheel drive. Finally I came across what looked like a possibility.

It turned out to be a little cove all tucked away on a trail rarely used. So with two rods out (with PB), gloves on, coffee in hand and munching on a (not so good) bear claw, I began the rest of my fishing day.  

The Cove
I took a couple shots to show you the Tule Fog.

Cold across the lake too
 And where I was.

Middle of nowhere
I fished until 12:30, when a guy in a boat came by and said I was in a good place. His fish finder said that the water was 50 feet deep just 20 feet off shore. I thought that should be good. Deep water = Trout, right?

Not today. Here again, not a fish in sight. Wait, let me amend that just a bit. While I was slinging one of the many lures I used, one rolled right in front of me, not 10 feet off shore, BUT could I get it to take anything? Not on your life. I was destined for a good skunking today and wasn't disappointed.  

Just getting out of the house and absorbing the ambiance of Lake Camanche was soothing enough that I'm ready to continue cleaning all the construction dust and in some places I think it's a good 3 inches deep (OK just a little exaggeration there.) off everything within a mile of the kitchen (OK a little more exaggeration), but it sure looks that way. It's good to have our kitchen back.

Probably won't get out again until next week. We're expecting rain Wednesday and Thursday and again on Saturday and Sunday. Bring it on.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Mark
    To fish some of those lakes you fish, wouldn't qualify as a skunk day for me---glad you made it out, and hope the kitchen it finished soon.

  2. Totally understand you and your wife's frustration with the kitchen project taking so long. As they say, "All in good time". One day it will be just a memory.

    Difference between your area and mine this time of year. In December, a skunk is most common for most anglers. It is just the getting out that counts.

  3. As I always say, it's just good to get out. Right?

  4. I'm sorry to hear the remodel is still going on. At least you've been able to get out. I'll take a skunk any day in the winter.