Thursday, December 31, 2015

That's A Wrap. 2015 Is In The Books

The year has not be spectacular. Here's a quick walk through the year.

The first fish 1/2/2015

Got a new truck 1/23/2015

9+ pounds of Mt Lassen Rainbow Trout 2/13/2015
That trout was on the fly, by the way. Pink and black Woolly Bugger.

The last snow at the old house 4/8/2015
Moved into the new place sometime in April. Can't find the pictures, but I know they are here somewhere.

The kitchen destruction begins 10/14/2015
We missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years (tomorrow) because the kitchen is still demolished. Washing dishes in the 1/2 bath sink sucks. Very tired of eating with plastic silverware and paper plates. 
First of the final 7 of the year.
Worst fishing year to date. I've kept track in my journal since 2008.

Would have tried one more time except I've been nursing the crud since last Saturday. 

That's it, see you all in 2016.


  1. Happy New Year to you and I hope 2016 is better on the fishing front!

  2. Happy New Year Mark! I'd blow my noisemaker but you know Pam. She took it away from me. May all your fishy dreams come true and your kitchen get up and running.

  3. That huge brown was a highlight of you year I'd say...
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks RM. I forgot about that big Brown at the "Secret Lake".

  4. Looks like a good year to me, Mark, but I wish you an even better one in 2016...with a working kitchen!

  5. Love your backyard, Mark, but your kitchen sucks.
    Happy New Year man/

  6. Mark
    Hope the kitchen issue gets solved soon; you guys deserve a break for 2016!

  7. Well, nothing is worse than being in disarray. Ok. this year you will have to make up for the fishing outings! For sure! Have a healthy 2016... =)