Saturday, December 12, 2015

What A Guy

Today is my Wife's birthday. I went fishing. What a guy.

Now here is the rest of the story.

Already planned was a day of girl stuff. I was not invited and rightly so. My Wife is spending the day with her BFF in Sacramento. OK, these two girls have known each other since they were in their early 20's. They've been room mates, partied to the ends of the earth, and are spending the day together because the other part of this twosome has a birthday either two days ago or two days from now, I'm not sure which. They ARE the same age so you can see what's going on. Lunch, shopping, and laughing are on the agenda.

So, being the good guy I am, I went fishing. OK, it was fishing or sitting in front of the idiot box. You know what I picked.      

Got to Lake Camanche at 9:00 on the dot. A couple guys were already fishing where I usually go so I politely asked if it was alright to set up a little to their right. They agreed and as you can see I'm a little farther around the bend that usual. 

The spot for today
Understand that these two gentlemen hadn't gotten a bite since they arrived. I set out two poles with rainbow Power Bait and what happened is something that I feel bad about every time it does.

I started landing fish, one right after the other. In 35 minutes, I had four fish on the stringer. All were a pound and a half or bigger. They still hadn't gotten a bite. The first two I put on the stringer for my neighbors and the other two I gave to them. It didn't make either of us feel any better.

The first two
The neighbors I saved the fish for are the young couple two doors down. You know, the ones with the Minions. The small creatures with an indecipherable language.

Around 11:00 I landed fish number five for my limit. Mean while the guys moved over to the other side of the boat storage ramp, hooked into one on a pink Power Egg, and unfortunately had it break his line. Must have been a biggie.

Since I only had three on my stringer, I hung around until 1:00 and then called it a day. I had one other bite on pink marshmallows, but couldn't hook it.

When I got home my next door neighbor (I only have one since I live on the corner) was outside, so I asked if they would like a couple fish (I don't think the kids were home) and he took one so I've put the other two in the freezer and when the kids get home, I'll give them the fish.    

Good news, it keeps raining about once a week and the snow is piling up in the mountains. Hooyah.


  1. I used to have the same kind of luck before I started fly fishing. I was the one who caught fish instead of the guys that put there time in before I arrived. I never offered them my fish.

  2. Unlike Howard, before I started fly fishing I was the other guys!

  3. Mark
    Those are nice rainbow, just curious are you letting the bait just sit on the bottom or you using an indicator such as a float?
    Suggestion, when your birthday rolls around again, have your wife to make one of those fishing trips with you---great birthday present for you----might work for you, but it has never work for me.

    1. Hi Bill. I use a slip sinker rig (let me know if you need more explanation) and the Power Bait floats. So what you have is a ball of PB floating about a foot (depending on the leader length) off the bottom. As for the wife, she goes once in a while, mostly when we're camping. She reads, I fish.

  4. Happy birthday to the better half...and congrats on a solid fishing outing! Great to hear about the rain/snow...might be the best thing in this post.

  5. You're such a good guy. It would have been hard for me not to be included in all of the girl stuff and to go fishing. Don't know how you did it, Mark :)

    1. Sometimes you just have to make choices. Buck it up and go fishing.