Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kitchen Update

Here's the latest. After a really "to the point" email to the insurance company and the intervention of a Property Loss Solution Company and the upper management of the insurance company, the contractor has taken responsibility for everything.  All will be fixed and the tile floor will be removed and replaced.

The demolition starts Monday. According to the plan, it looks like the only days I'll be able to fish are weekends until April. I don't particularly like fishing on weekends (crowds), but it's better than not fishing at all.

I wanted to fish tomorrow, but emptying the cabinets they plan to demolish has to take priority. Maybe I can sneak out one day next week. It's not supposed to rain until Friday.

Did I mention that our microwave exploded this afternoon? Well, not exactly exploded, but something blew and in doing so, the microwave is dead and so is the socket it was plugged into. We think this house may be haunted. Might need to call Ghostbusters.

Once again, hang in there I will be fishing again.



  1. You're handling it better than I would be Mark. I really hope you get that mess finally straightened out soon.

  2. Mark
    Sometimes the middle man just doesn't get results, glad you got the attention of the higher ups. I guess if there is a silver lining here---is a new kitchen. Glad things are finally moving for you guys.

  3. One thing after another. The year is young, Mark. I have a feeling things are going to turn for the better very soon. Glad to hear the contractor is taking responsibility for their shotty work.