Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yeah, fishing

Bill Trussell made a comment on the last post. "Looks like things are finally coming together". Oh Bill, if you only knew.

The reason I was able to go fishing today is because there is a dehumidifier running in the kitchen to try and dry out all the wet wood so the remediation crew can clean up the mold and then start rebuilding the kitchen. The dehumidifier is scheduled to run through the weekend.  That would make it five days total. A bit damp in there.

Oh, did I mention that they found a leak coming in from a crack in the stucco outside the kitchen window? It keeps getting better and better. I liken it to the Blob. This episode has spread out from the leak behind the fridge to pretty much destroying the entire kitchen.

On a lighter note, because nothing is being done in the kitchen, I was able to run out to Lake Camanche for a little Power Bait dunking. Essentially, I needed to get out of the house, plain and simple.

I figured that parking the red Coleman camping chair at the North Shore spot where I've been fishing the last bunch of times would be about as calming as it could get and I wasn't wrong. That is, with one exception. The wind was blowing straight into my face and is was a bit chilly.  

Wind ruffling the lake
I set up somewhere around 9:00 (I still don't have a watch) and with two rods out, gloves on hands, and hood of my sweatshirt up awaited the first bite. It took about an hour and a half to get the first and only fish of the day. I am now part of the smart phone generation so I can take out my phone and see what time it is.

First of the day
 It wasn't very big. My guess is less than a pound. I got it to shore, took a picture, and cut it loose for another day. I didn't have any intentions of bringing any fish home.

So while I was waiting for the next bite that never came, I hunkered down in the chair, put my head on the chair back. At one point it was warm (for a short period) and the lapping of the waves were just enough to put one to sleep, almost. I did open one eye every so often just to check and make sure there were no fish biting on either line.

The picture below is the next storm front moving into Northern California.

Dampness cometh
The Valley (Sacramento, San Joaquin, etc) is not expecting much rain, but the weather guessers are saying that the Foothills (that would be us) can expect 3 to 5 inches of rain between tonight and Sunday night. Can you say BOAT?

So that's it for today. Not terribly exciting, but very calming. Who knows, maybe I'll get to fish again some time.

Stay tuned. 


  1. Mark
    Well I will correct myself, didn't realize more leaks were found--Glad the fishing trip helped with the frustration of this ordeal.

  2. No better therapy out there, Mark. I'm hopeful things are on going to be on the ups for you and your wife.